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  1. Arjun
  2. RTO Registration & Tax
  3. Thursday, January 23 2020
I have purchased a car from Delhi 3 years ago. I got all the papers with NOC and form no 28. Now I want to sell the vehicle, what should i do?
Or I have to get the vehicle registered at my local RTO first?
If I have to register the vehicle, then I have to pay Rs. 18000 as a late registration penalty.

Or I can get the NOC again with the latest date?

I have no connection with the old owner.

Please suggest me to get out of this problem.
Raju chacha Accepted Answer
No sympathy for you, lazy guy.

Either pay 18,000 or sell without papers or better sell it to original owner in Delhi after finding him.

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  2. RTO Registration & Tax
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Admin Accepted Answer
@ Arjun,

Are you going to sell car in Delhi or in your own state.
If in your own state then please note that NOC issued 3 years back is not valid, and RTO can reject request for same
A fresh re-validated NOC needs to be issued again, and then can register and transfer

There are 2 ways
1. Suggest to contact previous Owner and get NOC re-validated and sell
2. Slight a harsh way for original owner (as he has also not bothered after selling car to you). Sell Car on as and if basis to new Owner and let him take all pain of getting car re-registered and changing NOC by contacting previous owner by entering in agreeement

As the car is never registered in your name and there is no Traffic offence pending and with agreement to sale on records along with new owner ID, Address proof - if any such road mishap happens even and car say is not transferred in name of new owner, it will be either responsibility of
> Either new owner
> or the previous owner

Been vehicle was never registered or transferred in your name, hence the obligation wont come on your head.
Hope should help !!

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  2. RTO Registration & Tax
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Arjun SIngh Accepted Answer
Thanks for the reply and information @Admin.

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  2. RTO Registration & Tax
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