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  1. Amartya SenGupta
  2. Service & Maintenance
  3. Saturday, April 26 2014

I purchased Honda Amaze IDTEC SMT around November 2013. The car has just made 6000 kms and due for 3rd servicing next months, May 2014.

For the first month, my feeling was amazing, which I still do but few things going on with my car for which I need suggestions.

I travel 50 kms for 5 days in week from Home to Office and then back to home. Its 25 kms on one side.

Below are my issues that concerns me :-

1. In the morning when I travel, most of the days, it feels like car has gained some weight. A feeling of something holding the car. The car freeness is not there.

2. When I travel back from office during 8pm in the evening most of the days the car is so fast and its so easy to drive, it gets on to 70km/hr so fast and its effortless. Most of the time I do not even need to accelerate to make the car do around 40km/hr- 50 km/hr. This never ever happens in the morning. So its a variable response that I am getting.

3. 5 out of 10 times, its seems the car gets confused, on 5th gear, around 55 km/hr - 65km/hr whether to rely on the self generating torque or the acceleration I am putting in. Typically during this time car vibrations changes and I remove my foot from the acceleration paddle, the eco lamp glows and then I do a smooth acceleration.

4. When I try to do more than 85 km/hr, the car behavior changes. Except for 2-3 days till now, the car suddenly makes noise and starts vibrating and to make it cross 100 km /hr, I really need to press the accelerator very deep.I notice that when ever this vibration and noise comes in side the cabin with all glass closed the RPM is around 2000.

5. 7 times out of 10 days when I reach office from home. that is I have driven 25 km, the first time I try to do a back gear, it feels as if the back gear slot is not there. Its very hard, and it feels as if I am trying do something different. Once the back gear works out after a lot of fight, no body in this world would believe that a moment ago some one can complain about this. Its so smooth and nice.

6. Most of the time when I put on my AC on 3rd, 4th or 5th, I feel the car momentarily chockes and then it works fine. This started very recently though.

My Driving habit:- I am not a rush driver, Most of the time I drive around 70km/hr - 80 km/hr. I never like to press the accelarator paddle very hard to get the speed or the power. I follow till 10km/hr 1st gear, 2nd gear around 10 km/hr, 3rd gear when it crosses 30km/hr, 4th on 40km/hr and put on 5th gear between 55km/hr to 60 km/hr. I never look at the speedometer to shif gears, my wife says I generally do gear shifts at these speeds. With the eco lamp, I prefer to do 100% driving with eco lamp glowing, thats what I target every day.

I got my car checked up already twice, none of these issuea the Honda Service Center thinks to be an issue. After pressing hard they have already done ECU reprogramming, well thats what they told me.

I have a driving experience of more than than 16 years and am very particular and sensitive to any vibration and noise. I am not ready to accept that all these issues that I have mentioned is just because I got used to with the car and these are not actually any issues.

I need suggestions here and probable cause of the issue and how this can be resolved. Well I am not a automobile engineer but I have engineering back ground so would able to understand.

Thanks in advance

Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Appreciate a detailed query !!

The issues mentioned - Vibration, Noise, Slow Pickup, Reverse Gear - seems to be related to Engine Transmission issue. The ECU scan should have caught it. But as you mentioned - the ECU been programmed twice - our reply will not be of much help in this case, which may only be based on probability of ifs & buts.

Here are 2 excellent resource articles which you may read to be of help in examining Transmission issues

May i suggest to kindly take Honda cars India in loop and let it be examined by Service Engineer from Honda Cars itself - if dealer is not able to identify the issue. You may register a complaint on :- Honda Customer Care on :- 1800 113 121 and make them appraised that - twice its been checked by the dealer workshop and you insist now to get Honda Engineers directly in loop.

Do also send a copy of it on

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