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  1. Vikas
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Monday, October 28 2019
I am highly interested in Renault Triber, but apprehensive of its Service Cost, Maintenance and Mileage. Can you guide on how much will it cost and whether its Mileage is good and Maintenance is low
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Renault Triber Scheduled Service cost is very competitive and surely if we go by scheduled services can find it economical.
The car comes with 3 Labor free services
> 2000 Kms or 2 Months as for Labor Free Service
> 10000 Kms or 1 Year as for Labor free service
> 20000 Kms or 2 Year as for Labor free service

and then every 10000 Kms or Annually for Paid Service

Renault Triber Scheduled Service Cost - Estimated Cost (Updated in 2020)
> Engine Oil - Rs 825 (15W/40)
> Oil Filter - Rs 400
> Washer - Rs 70
This Oil & Filter replacement every 10000 Kms or 12 Month

> Air Filter - Rs 186- every 10000 Kms as Ideal
> Cabin AC Filter (Part 272771154R) - Rs 314
> Fuel Filter - Rs 300 - likely replacement at around 20000 Kms

Greasing & Lubrication
> Greasing (Battery Grease & Lithium Grease) - Rs 100
> Multi Purpose Foam Cleaner Spray for Lubrication - Rs 114

AC Service
> AC Disinfectant - Rs 500

Other Work
> Brake Fluid - Rs 250 - basis top up / 20000 Kms
> Coolant Top up - Rs 300 per Litre - basis top up
> Spark Plug - Rs 366 for 3 spark plug -every 40000 Kms
> Wheel Alignment & Balancing (including GST) - Rs 1000

Added Protection
> Oil Chamber Guard - Rs 2000 (for protection of Oil Filter, recommended) - One Time

Scheduled Labor Cost
PMS Service (4th Service from 3rd Year Onwards) : Rs 1900 including GST

Can expect a service cost of Renault triber
> 0 Amount Bill - 1st Service
> Rs 2800 - 2nd Service at 10,000 Kms (2nd Service - including Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Battery Grease, Lithium Grease, Multi purpose Spray, Cabin AC Filter, Alignment and Balancing)
> Rs 3350 - 3rd service at 20,000 Kms (3rd Service - including Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Brake Fluid, Cabin AC Filter, Alignment and Balancing, Battery Grease, Lithium Grease, Multi purpose Spray, )
> Indicative cost of Rs 5000 to 6000 from 4th Service (30,000 Kms) Onwards for Paid Service depending on scope of work

However, this is for scheduled service. If any replacement done for wear & tear parts or any extra work like
> Labor work like: AC Disinfectant, Brake cleaning & caliper pin grease, Throttle Body cleaning, Interior cleaning etc
> Wear and Tear : Wiper Replacement, Brake Pad Replacement. Clutch replacement, AC Gas Refill
> Parts like Battery and Tyres

All this will be chargeable as extra cost over and above scheduled service cost

In terms of Mileage - well it depends on
> How many people on board while driving
> Tyre Pressure Maintained
> How much distance traveled
> Driven in what conditions - city or highway, and if highway on average speed

as Mileage is influenced by all these factors

Still expecting around 13 to 14 Kmpl in City condition with 4 to 5 people on board and around 17 Kmpl on highway should be a good reasonable mileage expectation. The mileage can drop with additional passenger on board, but for long distance driven if driven at speed of 80 Kmph as constant speed can even touch 20 Kmpl Mileage on highway with 2 people on board

Hope should help !!

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Aj Accepted Answer
What is review of renault triber, is buy worth and give good mileage and pickup without any issue in long run.
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Aman Gaur Accepted Answer
I have Renault Triber top modal 15" tyre, my car mileage is not so good.
Any one give me any advise to improve it, and Mileage is 10-12/lt.
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Jainil Bhatt Accepted Answer
Any new car will give optimum mileage after 3000 km of running. Till then every car will give nearly 50% of the claimed mileage. After crossing 3000 km, it should improve upto 75% of the claimed mileage. I own Triber RXz Model and had the same experience.
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Abhishek Accepted Answer
In the video posted on May 21st, Sir said not to buy 1000 cc 7 Seater car. but he did not justify the reason, could anyone please tell me the flaws.

I am a middle class man with big family and Triber suits me best. Good space, mileage, seat convertible and look is ok. My friend bought this car one year back and had gone to Tirupati with 6 family members (aged) and he did not had any problem. Pulling power was stable and he did not experience any difference between normal & hill road. One more guy posted his experience in youtube about the hill ride experience with 6 people(all around 30 years) and he too gave the thumps up.

Please let me know the flaws.
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