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  3. Wednesday, September 11 2019
My requirement is a good family car with low maintenance and reasonable safety. Maximum running would be 500 Kms a month, mainly in cities and occasionally on highways and I want to retain the car for at least 10 years. My Budget is 7.5 to 8 lakhs.

I have test driven Maruti Swift, Maruti Baleno, Hyundai Elite I20 and Honda Amaze.

I have discarded both Elite I20 and Amaze for the following reasons
1. Elite I20 has higher turning radius and lower mileage. Also rear seat leg room for third passenger is inconvenient due to bulky rear AC vent
2. Amaze has very linear performance in 2nd gear. With only two persons on board, I felt the engine to be under powered while passing through speed breakers. Secondly Amaze being a sedan it cant give me the versatility of bigger boot by folding rear seats like hatchbacks.
3. Thirdly both I20 and Amaze have BSIV engines as on date.

To help me to decide between Swift Zxi and Baleno Delta, here I have summarized my likes and dislikes about both the cars. Please consider and justify my claims and suggest me the best.

I like Swift because
1. It has a global NCAP crash test rating (though only 2 stars) which Baleno does not have.
2. It has better driving position and superior driver comfort as compared to Baleno.
3. It has better steering dynamics.

What I dislike in Swift is
1. Wider C piller obstructing rear vision of driver
2. Rear door handles on C piller are neither friendly nor look good.
3. It does not offer LED projector head lamps at this price range.

I like Baleno because
1. Its looks superior and premium over swift.
2. It offers LED projector headlamps.
3. Rear visibility is better as there is a glass panel in C piller.

What I Dislike in Baleno is
1. It does not have any safety rating and there are lot of news in the market that Baleno has very poor build quality its an Unsafe car.
2. Its front seats are just average and driver seat height adjustment is not available in Delta variant.

Considering the above facts, please suggest me the best. Also please let me know if you want to recommend me Elite I20 or Amaze in this price range.

Thanks and Regards.
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Here are some Pointers
1. Swift is 2 Star as rightly mentioned, but Baleno
> Chassis Platform
> Build Quality
> Vendors and Spare Parts
are close similar to what seen in Swift.
If safety is concern in Baleno then if not better - expect not to be worse than Swift too.

2. Rear Door Handle on C Pillar - well thats individual preference
It may appear odd at first instance, but enhances for a sporty character design and no issues as such for owners

3. Yes, height adjustable driver seat not available in Baleno Delta but available in Swift Zxi

Now here is recommendation on Swift
> Swift feels better in Steering Feel as against Baleno due to Flat Bottom Steering wheel with lower turning radius

> Some how suspension of Baleno is improved a lot (as against when the car was launched) but still feels stiffer against Swift. Overall - Swift can feel relatively more plush in city condition, but Baleno wider tyres and higher speed dynamics can be marginally better

If considering Baleno and have budget of 8 Lakh then suggest to check out Glanza G Hybrid - Reasons
a) Improved K12C dualjet Engine where there are 2 injector per cylinder with changes in combustion for even superior performance. In number terms Hybrid comes with 90 PS Power
b) Hybrid is more fuel efficient too with changes in EGR and Compression
c) Of all - Glanza G Hybrid is available at a price which is around Rs 60,000 lower than Baleno Zeta Hybrid with same features, 3 year warranty and Glanza G Hybrid has discount schemes too. You have not mentioned location - but in Delhi On Road Price of Glanza G Hybrid is 8 Lakh and in Mumbai can go under Rs 8.5 Lakh after discounts and negotiations.
d) Yes you get even superior features list over Swift Zxi too

My recommendation
> If seeking a car at lower end of budget - Swift Zxi is absolute good to go
> If seeking a car by been slight flexible in budget by 5%+ over range - Toyota Glanza G Hybrid offers even superior value proposition

Hope should help !!

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Tapas Accepted Answer

Thank you for the detailed advice.

Kindly give your opinion about Elite I20 and Amaze. Pl consider my opinions about these two cars, which I explained in my first query.

Secondly you have recommended for Glanza G hybrid. I too had considered that. It a good value for money product. But after some research I understood that the Lithium Ion cell will need replacement after 4 to 5 years and that will cost me at least 50000 Rs.As I mentioned that my running will be average 500 kms a month and I need to retain the vehicle for minimum 10 years, so I feel Glnza Hybrid is not the car for me. Pl tell me If there is any way that I can continue to use this car without replacing the Li Ion cell , then I will consider it.

What about Ford Freestyle or Figo? I have read lot of good reviews about these two cars. But fact is that Ford is going to close business in India and Mahindra would look after service support of Ford cars. Mahindra has never been so good for service of their own cars. How can they look after Ford cars ?

Please suggest.

Thanks and regards.

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Admin Accepted Answer

Elite I20
> If you have seated in Baleno or Amaze - then certainly legroom seems relatively compact. However, to disclaim seat are better padded
> Turning radius - although on papers looks higher at 5.2 m - but not bothersome, Baleno is 4.9 m. Steering is Light
> If concerned on BS4 then BS6 Engine yes is expected before Diwali

relatively downside of I20 is
> Pickup which is not as good as what one gets in Swift or Baleno
> Yes fuel efficiency figures as expectation of 12 kmpl is what a reasonable expectation in city drive

Honda Amaze
> Well slight disagree - Amaze performance is reasonable okay. Its a light weight car and good to go on performance. Not something which is exciting but in no way dull. Its a driving style with light steering, relaxed comfy drive with soft suspension is good to go. However, let me disclaim - a car feel and feedback factor varies from individual to individual - if in case you did not like in - just avoid. There are some who do not like Seltos 1.5 Petrol & Diesel pickup despite the one of the best refined engines in the segment

> Agree that flexibility of hatch llke splitting 2nd row or 60:40 split rear seat is not there but Amaze has reasonable the biggest boot space in segment of 420 Litres

> Is a 4 Star Rated Car in NCAP Crash test rating and is superior in safety rating when compared with counterpart

Lithium Ion Battery
> Its a myth to consider that life cycle of battery is 5 year. If one drive car regularly (so as to protect battery to discharge) without parking car for long period then expect battery life to be good to go for 8 years (or 1.5 Lakh Kms) atleast

> There is a cut off system so that battery do not overcharge in

Ford Cars
> Ford Petrol Engine are 3 cylinder and feels very linear
> Okay for Point to Point Distance travel
> Not the best in rear seat legroom space
> However, USP is Handling, Safety Features, Suspension dynamics from Ford cars, Top End Model with Syn3 Touchscreen in Freestyle

Hope it helps to make a choice !!

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