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I heard that Lithium-ion battery which comes in Baleno/Glanza may not recharge again(die) if someone is not using the car for more than 15 days. Also the replacement cost would be about rs.60000. No issues if the car run at least 30 mins within 15 days. Is that true ? the battery cost is worrying me as the prime reason for choosing these cars is mileage and savings.
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Is a myth to consider in. I can share in 2 points as known while interaction with company
> Lithium Ion Battery will never die 100% - there is some volt left in it - to extent of 5%

> Only in specific situation where its not used for a very long period like possibly a year or even more can expect the battery life to be impacted

Do note that Cars are mechanical in nature, and to derive the best and remain in best condition is to drive in cars regularly

A car not driven for a year will not only have an impact on battery but also on other components
> develops fuel carbons in the oil, which makes it acidic.
> The Engine when remains shut for such a long period - Oil Molecules tends to break up and would rather be harmful for engine.
> Fuel Contamination would likely happen
> Bacteria Formation in AC would also likely happen been usage would be so limited

Hope should help !!

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