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  Sunday, 28 July 2019
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Hi Sir,

I am facing problem with AC only on highways.

Here is my problem.

My car AC is working absolutely fine in local, But when i am on higways then AC is working fine for sometime after that slowly the cooling will be come down and stops. Then i will switch off AC for 20 minutes time and swithc on again it will run for 10 mins and again it stops this will continue until i complete the journey. But in local its working fine for long time.

Tried solutions:

1) Replaced with New Fan and Resistor
2) Replaced with new thermostat sensor

But no luck, Sir till now i spent so much amount only for AC but my problem is not resolved.

Could you pleas help me out on this please.......

4 years ago

You have not referred which car is this ? Is it Manual AC control or Automatic climate control

Anyhow as you referred that Car AC works fine in city usage but has problem on highway - shall i presume that on higher speed you face such issue. Did you noticed somehow about AC performance turning ineffective at a specific speed / RPM Level ?

Reason - Car AC Compressor spins at a higher speed if the car is cruising on higher speed and if your car AC turning off at higher speed then there is higher possibility that AC Refrigerant Gas pressure is not correct.

I would suggest to get car AC gas refrigerant completely removed and then get it refilled with exact correct quantity required along with replacement of compressor oil too. Most likely the issue can be resolved by it. If not, then the compressor and other components needs to be thoroughly checked by a qualified technician but you need to observe in closely for specific rpm / speed post which the AC gives you an issue.

Hope should help !!
4 years ago
Thanks a lot for response

My vehicle is Ford figo 2011 model Titanium 1.4 Duratorq

No issue is not occurring on high speed Rpm y bcoz if that is the case it should not work when I switchoff for 20 mins and switch on again.

On highway after one hour or after 50 to 60 km drive AC starts decreasing the cool and it lost completely and if I switchoff for 20 mins and switch on again it works for another 10 mins and again it stops....I spent 8000 rs till now for changing fan, resististor and thermostat sensor but my problem is not fixed....pls anyone suggest me the exact solution for it....thanks in advance

4 years ago
Cooling coil accumulating ICE, causing OFF. After the ICE melt, starts again. Cycle repeats. Try cleaning Cooling coil and change filter.
4 years ago
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11 months ago
Did you got the solution ?

Now i'm facing the same issue in my ford fiesta classic. If your problem is rectified, kindly let me know your suggestion for mine too.
As suggested, i will try and clean the cooling coil. Any had solved this issue?
8 months ago

Exact the same issue with my car.

Any solution?

Thank You.
8 months ago
I too have the same Problem, in my Hyundai Grand I 10 car. cool slowly coming down and Stop completely. When switch off for 10 mins and switch on again it works.
7 months ago
Hello gentlemen, I have KIA Cerato 2012, AC cools perfectly, issue is when i switch-off car and if i have to start again immediately (within few minutes) and AC also, Compressors does not start cooling in this case, sometime it starts cooling after 10-15 min and sometimes it does not. After long stop and restarting again it starts proper cooling. Sometime if i give heavy foot to accelerate, also during drive AC stops cooling and does not restart unless car stops for more than 30 min. Hope to receive some suggestions.
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