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  1. Manish
  2. Service & Maintenance
  3. Tuesday, June 18 2019
​Hi Gurus, I need help and invite worthy suggestions,i drive old swfit petrol 2008 model with cng fitted ,the car is used less and looks quite maintained so never felt to change it .till now it has been ran to 70,000 kms.oil - castrol magnetic ( much clear) when seen by thin gauge . Issue:-recently i was driving to simla and before going to start my journey i checked the vehicle with my local mechanic the oil,coolant etc all were perfect i started the journey .i drove the car as usual on 80-90 km/h speed on plain highways no issue came on CNG then when climbing the mountain its obvious the cng tank gets empty then have to run car on petrol but on that day i found one more CNG station in between and and ran 10 kms approx on cng while driving uphill ,suddenly i felt the car is not taking speed even on 2nd gear too i felt that cng is making the power to go uphill i switched the car on petrol the power was increased but still not normal. then after 10 kms sudden cranky sound started coming from the bonet and i saw Oil funnel Red indicator was also showing in meter console, i stoped the car and opened the bonnet and car was very hot but the temperature needle was at normal position in middle although the engine fan was running continuously . i called my mechanic he asked me to check the oil by the same thin strip oil was at ok level and still very clear like yellow not black then he said if the oil is then might indicator is coming as there might be some dust in sensor jaali (filter ) so ignore it and for that sound he was clueless as i was not able to make him listen over the phone then i waited for 15 minutes to then again started the car .now the sound was less ,then i drove the car more slowly so as i felt to reach my hotel before the night .next day no sound came no oil funnel indicator. i thought might it would have got hot due to cont. running ..then i came back to delhi from simla down hill no issues....the moment i drove for 80 kms ..indicator started coming again and the sound started afterwards .i again slowed down the car and drove it on 40-50 on empty highway letting bikes to overtake me ,just to reach my destination morning i showed car to my mechanic he said the car engine has oil less for somtime due to which some metal part has rubbed in it and now the sound is coming so engine will be opened as per him costing 25K or esle sell the car to me as it is very old and now will ask money regularly in issue.the i took car to maruti authorsed service center the advisior showed the the oil is black because metal part is wear out may be crank..he gave me the solutuion to spend 40K and do the engine work or get the service done my changing the oild and coolant but the sound will not go.Gurus when the car is started first time in day it makes the same sound more but when againn the simultanoes starts are done like 2nd or 3rd the sound comes less.i searhced online is due to pressue in engine or engine oil pump ..let me the issue and cuases of oil funnnel indicator which i ignored firts time as misguided by my mechanic altough my car is old but i have made many such trips on it and it wa sunstoppable against the new models .i love my car as you all do ,pl share suggestions to get the resolutuon as i dont trust my mechanic now.if any more information is required to analyse the issue.thanks in advance. Manish
Admin Accepted Answer

Appreciate in detailed query

If the check engine light is on
> Did you changed the engine oil just before the trip ? Was it of correct viscosity or a genuine branded one, means did you bought oil from authorized distributor or bought from mechanic

> Get the Oil pressure checked, its easy and a mechanic can check oil pressure at various RPM at both idling and when engine is at operating temperature. He can also let you know if the actual oil used in the car is of correct viscosity. Also check for Belt if any mis-aligned to get it property tensioned

> There is a possibility of oil as used in the car was of inferior brand / counterfeit and has just caused an impact to car engine. Unsure on how far the impact is - better to get oil replaced with genuine oil and also replace in Oil filter to see if the sound diminishes a bit

> If the sound is still there then possibly it needs repair work on engine

Hope should help !!

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