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  1. Rishi
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  3. Thursday, June 13 2019
Good Morning Gagan,
You impresses many. Please help me to find good option.

I have Scorpio [8 year Old] for my daily commute.
I drive 35 Kms one way daily for office on Gr. Noida to Noida Expressway for office.
Due to road conditions, kind of people vehicles etc. Sedan never came to mind. So in 2011, I switched from Maruti Swift to Scorpio.
I have no serious problem but i am not convinced with the vehicle. [Major Problems: Rust, Rattling, Parts life mainly rubber, Wobbling of Steering etc].
Major Advantage: I am peaceful driver and who doesn't want to be bullied by others. Honestly Scorpio did that perfectly. Be it emergency call from family or friend during mid night, i never have to think. Scorpio is brand of Bhai's.
Apart from my daily commute which is almost alone, we have 5 members family and where ever we go these 5 people move together [Touch Wood].
I am looking for some stable car which can last for 10 years [due to NCR rule]. having busy schedule in pvt. sector and mid life crisis, i dont have bandwidth to spare time at service station. I need some safe, reliable car up to 16 lakhs.
Mahindra is big on pocket in terms of maintenance and service station are professionals.
I have "Harrier", "XUV500" and Crysta 2.4 G.
Crysta will be roughly 3 lakhs costlier and it keeps me reminding this.I am too scared to go for indian makers becuase of horrifying stories about XUV or Safari etc.
What should I do?
I am looking for safe and reliable car.
I may try to stretch for crysta but will it be practical to be extend in terms of usage and money?
Daily commute will be 70 kms but on express way and trust me driving on express way is getting tough and tough.

Please advise.
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

If you seek the best of
> Reliability - yes niggle free ownership
> Ownership Experience - with a smile on face for hassle free (although service schedule is 6 month but its something which is more of Checkup, Oil & Filter replacement)
> Possibly best in Class Comfort oriented space - flexibility of slide and recline 2nd row if buying 7 seater captain version and may enjoy with your family friends for a trip

then nothing comes closer to Innova Crysta
Been G Model is basic model - the model dash board layout just feels average, but trust the way the
> Car behaves on higher speed
> Handling, Suspension Dynamics
> Steering Feedback on higher speed

Been you driving Scorpio Rear Wheel drive - going with Crysta can take experience to new heights
But do remember if you again choose in Manual Transmission - heavy steering and heavy clutch wont make things easy - its the Automatic Transmission which is known for differentiation. Having said same to disclaim - Crysta Automatic feels slow in response and not as good as what it goes for Manual Transmission.

Else - Harrier XZ is second best choice and will put ahead of XUV500 basis the features, road presence and overall proposition. It goes a lot for Tata Motors to bring Harrier and price it very competitively. But where one seek for bullet proof reliability, niggle free ownership experience as the primary consideration - then nothing comes close to Innova Crysta.

Lastly - Hector is also coming but been a new brand and your consideration is of reliability, after sales service - which is unknown, so not recommending.

So overall end recommendation is Innova Crysta G Manual as best buy
Lastly - i wont say 10 years - but if you plan to sell it after 7 years - the extra amount paid over XUV500, Harrier can well be recovered as part of resale value because nothing beats this MPV in resale front.

Hope should help !!

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Rishi Accepted Answer
Thanks for the Advice.

Concern is of Crysta's presence as commercial.
If we are passing any check post, surely police will stop for checking. It is not wrong but we do not expect after spending so much.
Sorry for weird thinking.

Harrier has premium social status. If reliability has 10 to 15% difference then I think it should be negotiable.
Please Note: 5 or 7 seater is not considerable. Please advice
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Admin Accepted Answer

Sorry but there is absolutely of no such sort in Innova Crysta been stopped by Traffic police at every stop
Its a complete myth

Cabbies use Ertiga too, Dzire too in commercial segment in high numbers - in no way of any such thing
Rest - for Harrier is an excellent choice as its top model offer features, styling, build but reliability is something which cant be expressed in percentage terms as lower than other product

Its like that Innova Crysta has best in class reliability
But care for Tata Harrier as purchase then to get in peace of mind ownership its important to
> Extended Warranty for 2+2 year
> Possibly check out Harrier AMC Package - Gold AMC which cost in around Rs 60,000 for 3 years / 45,000 and around Rs 1 Lakh for 4 year / 60,000 kms which ever earlier

Preferably choose in Concorde Motors as Tata Motors subsidiary and has better after sales service network
Hope should help !!
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rishi Accepted Answer
One More Query Please:

Should I wait till Diwali or can go for booking?
Main reason: As we see little downfall in automotive and probably around festive season dealers may offer good / decent discounts.
Thanks for each bit.

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Rishi Accepted Answer
By The Way,

Apologies for not confirming about the finalised car.
Innova Crysta 2.4 G.

Thanks a ton for all your best opinion and advice.
When to book is most critical thing. Please advice.
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Admin Accepted Answer
Great Choice, Crysta is good
In terms of buying car well Auto Industry prospects are bad at the moment and manufacturers are sitting on high inventory across in most of models

However, Toyota Innova crysta is one product which is still running strong and having average sales still in range of 6000+ units or only a marginal impact of 10% in sales numbers.

I may not be surprised if rather Toyota increases prices further before festive season as
> Innova
> Fortuner

has its ready customers month on month and it may just be the right time to cash on these products for better margins and address profitability aspect on its other range.

If its Toyota Innova or Fortuner - the best time always is in present rather than future.
Hope should help !!
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