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  3. Saturday, June 08 2019

I am looking for a Petrol Top Variant for my family and for office usage, so which car is the best new i20 elite facelift [Asta Option (Petrol)] Or new Toyota Glanza.V (Petrol) Or Baleno Alpha (Petrol).

My regular usage will be in city conditions also this will be my First Car and usually, my monthly running will around 400 to 600 KM, so please suggest which one will be a better pick and why?

Also, it really matters the outer built/sheet quality as i20 is far better in build/sheet quality as compare to Glanza.

Location: Nashik (Maharashtra)

Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Ideally if the requirement is primarily within city usage and been your furst car then you should consider in Automatic Transmission
Been not only convenient but is what Automatic cars trending on sales and offers in stress free commute

If its Automatic you feel to go with then will recommend to check out Baleno or Glanza instead of Elite I20 with the basic reason that Elite I20 CVT Automatic feels to have the highest rubber band effect in CVT Segment and in all likely scenario too in 2020 - this 1.2 CVT will be what replaced by 1.0 Turbo DCT Gearbox as introduced in Venue

Baleno CVT / Glanza CVT - both are essentially same and priced even similar. However, Glanza USP is in G Hybrid in Manual Transmission which is the best value line up in it.

For Automatic - its good to go for either, Toyota only advantage is 3 year standard warranty along with express maintenance.

However, if its Manual Transmission then based on the fact that
> I20 got 3 Star rating in African version in Global NCAP (similar to Indian version, but lacks advanced side and curtain airbags in Africa)
> Swift got 2 star rating in Global NCAP, Ignis got 3 star (expect similar rating for Baleno too as designed on same platform - could be 2 or 3 star)

But for city drive - Elite I20 feels good to go with
> In City drive - I20 is reasonable good to go (although may not be as quick as Baleno) but basis light steering, apt suspension tune up, power delivery is good to go in city drive conditions
> Even premium Interiors - dual tone beige and black looks more premium and bright against claustrophobic black interiors in baleno
> Side and Curtain Airbags gives better feel of safety
> Looks more stylish from Exteriors
> Advanced Instrumentation Cluster Panel
> Rear AC Vents (Although blower but gives a feel of placebo effect on cooling for rear seat passenger)
> Somehow feels more sturdy as against Baleno, relative better plastic and fit, finish

> Mileage
> Space
> Latest Compliant Emission BS-6
is the factor there is Baleno having advantage over Elite I20

Hope should help in making a consideration

Ketan Accepted Answer

Wow... that was quick and informational...

Indeed CVT option is great option for me however the price is increasing slightly high also as I am looking for top model so that none of the features is missed, although my budget was around 8 to 9 lakhs, so my preference will still be the manual variant l, but your suggestion is great and should be considered but I cannot exceed my budget beyond that...

I have a test drive both i20 and glanza petrol and below was my experience (approx 1 km drive) :

_ In i20 we were 5 men with the good build (90 kg approx) and we 2 tested the performance but we were very disappointed due to the power delivery, pickup we were facing the trouble of power lag in all gears (with AC on),
I was shock that the i20 had that much of lag and is not ideal for 5 persons at a time...
As I have already tested glanza so I can compare.

_ i20 build quality is top notch whereas the glanza build is normal, not sure whether it is a good car as to other cars like swift or desire or other cars, but no doubt i20 build, sheet quality, something that really impresses.

_ The interior quality of i20 is far better as well compare to blanza...

 Fit and finish, colour, fabric, plastic quality were best as well.

_ Whereas the screen/display (info entertained system) of glanza look best.

_ i20 offers supreme security, 6 airbags ultimate build quality.

_ Suspension of i20 is best however the glanza is good.

_ Both top models offering same pricing (i20 getting discount)  so glanza is costlier around 30-40 thousand than i20.

_ Music system of i20 feels better than glanza.

_ AC of glanza feels to be more quickly even in terms of coolness.

_ i20 offers more feature than glands

_ Galnza offers more warranty in terms of KMs.

_ Glanza space manage is best.

_ Glanza fuel efficiency is good as well.

Another thing that he Glanza V (top model)  is not coming with G Hybrid, however, it is offered in G (second top model)  but that model (G) do not offer rear camera, drls and 1-2 other features.

Now I am really confused, which one to pick ...

Admin Accepted Answer

Oh yes Elite I20 Petrol Engine although linear
> for a small family in commute
> Point to Point Distance travel in city

but may not be best for those when seeking
> a fully loaded family car

The car is good for point to point distance travel within city but pickup may well go for a toss when you driving with 5 people with total weight going beyond 400 Kg and AC point is also well taken

Given in the context - i suggest to pick
> Glanza G Hybrid - its priced very competitively and has features as what is available in Baleno Zeta Hybrid and cost Rs
> Features Missed are - Rear View Camera, DRL, UV Cut Glass for Reduced Heat in Cabin in Summer, Leather Wrapped Steering, Follow me Headlights, Auto Head light on

Of these - Rear View Camera and UV Cut Glass are what the miss out in it and rest are gimmick
> Camera can well be fitted as accessory but its display would be separate and no grid lines will be in it
> UV Cut Glass actually blocks sun ray for greenhouse effect
> If required - Leather wrapped steering can also be fit in easily and DRL actually are not required in

Glanza G Hybrid is powered with 90 PS Power has superior low end due to ISG and in city drive and end resultant mileage is even better
For a car the first thing is engine performance and if you intend to drive with family most of the times - there is no point in driving a car which feels under-powered most of the times.

At the price point available for family car basis requirement - Glanza G Hybrid is the top Value Pick and camera can well be fitted as accessory
Hope should help !!
Ketan Accepted Answer

What is your suggestion about the i20 petrol model?
Is it worth paying  extra money for it?

And does the extra  bhp & rpm really matter that much in real life?

Is it possbile to fit the drls from thirdparty as well?
I still confused which one to pick...
Admin Accepted Answer

Been Engine is like heart of car and other than extra power, bhp its how the power delivery flows from what rpm and where is the maximum grunt and how how is designed in conjunction to body weight of car

Like Ford Freestyle has 95 BHP Power and 120 NM Torque - but its performance feels linear and relative same as what you feel in Elite I20

As you referred that family car is your requirement in similar situation and you yourself experienced the performance of Petrol engine when fully loaded - if Elite I20 is your preference then suggest to consider in its Diesel engine which is by far the best in class in power delivery, NVH Levels and refinement in its class. Even the drive feels lot exciting

Else, in present scenario - you can save in almost 2.5 Lakh over I20 Diesel and Glanza G Hybrid remains the best choice.
I wont recommend I20 petrol if seek a Petrol car - however albeit Diesel the option can check out

DRL yes can easily be fitted from after-market, pl refer post on Day Time Running Light

Hope should help !!
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