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  1. Tapas Nayak
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  3. Wednesday, January 16 2019
Yesterday, on 15 Jan, my friend’s IGNIS met with a severe accident. I would like to share the details with photographs for your expert analysis and advice.

The said car is 6 months old and 3000 kms run. As explained by my friend (driver), the only occupant, the car was at a speed of around 60 KMPH when it suddenly veered to the right of the road from left side and hit a tree which was on a slope. The airbags opened with a blast and probably the driver pressed the accelerator in panic. As he explained, he heard another loud bang, probably the driver side front tyre did burst and airbags got depleted and the car started rolling sideways. May be after two rolls the car came to a halt with upside down inside a 20 feet gorge. With the help of outsiders the driver came out and it was a miracle that he was completely unhurt, only with a minor cut in his right finger.

Now we all are wondering that how it happened. The case of over speeding is ruled out as he just had crossed a busy junction which was just 100mtrs behind and the condition of road was absolutely fine and it was a 30 feet tar road. And if it was because of over speeding then definitely he couldn’t have escaped unhurt. There were absolutely no other traffic in this particular stretch at that moment. What we suspect is

1. Probably there was a technical fault with either STEERING or AMT device or with ABS which pulled the car to right.
2. Or the front driver side tyre did burst which the driver could not monitor as he was with AC ON. The car was serviced 20 days back at Maruti workshop and the tyres were supposed to be at proper pressure. Total distance travelled at that moment was just 20 KMs from the nearby city.

With these inputs, hope you may analyze the situation and give us some conclusion. Further, by seeing the photographs, please let us know

1. Whether the car is repairable or it’s a complete loss ?
2. Even if the car is assessed as repairable, the owner does not want to own it again and in such case what he should do ? Presently the car is at Maruti Body workshop and it was towed back by workshop people.
3. The IDV of the car is 6 lakhs and how much the owner would get in return if it’s a complete loss?
4. Is there any legal formalities to be done with the local police station or with the RTO ?

Finally, as we asses, we realized that, the life of the driver was saved because of MODERATE SPEED, USE OF SEAT BELT and finally BUILD QUALITY OF IGNIS. Please share your opinion.

We thank you in advance for going through such long post and giving us your valuable inputs.
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Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Sorry to hear about this accident and happy to hear that owner is safe.

In case the car suddenly pulls to right then the most likely reason for a car pulling is Tyre Burst / Sudden loss of tyre pressure and as the car was on speed the driver possibly lost control and hit the tree. There can not be any ABS, AMT, other malfunction reason which can cause in vehicle pulling. The Tyre pressure loss / burst can cause loss of control on steering and thus can be the most likely reason for car to suddenly pull to the extreme

In terms of Queries
> Seems a Major damage been the structure of the car is damaged and possibly as the car toppled down twice looks like chassis is also damaged. Now the Body Shop will give an estimate of repairs after close inspection of car. If the repair estimate is more than 4.5 Lakh then the car would be called Total Loss,

> In case repair amount is substantial say above 60% of IDV but less than 75% of IDV means 3 lakh to 4.5 Lakh and owner does not want to repair the car then settlement option can be taken as cash loss in this case. Here Insurance company settles to make the payment at lesser amount than the repair bill and the owner can sell the car to scrap.

> In case of Total Loss - if Insurance taken through Maruti Insurance expect close to 95%+ of IDV been cleared off as claim settlement and if insurance taken from Non Maruti Insurance expect around 90%+ IDV after salvage deduction

> Can report in General Diary at local Police station for information purpose of damage.

Hope should help !!

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Tapas Nayak Accepted Answer
The airbags depleted immediately after being opened. Is it a technical failure or they are designed to behave like this ?
Pl share your views.


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Admin Accepted Answer
Hi Tapas

Yes thats the behavior and is correct in case of Front Dual Airbags
They deploy out by offering protection to occupant chest and then deflate immediately after absorbing force crash impact

However, in case of side and curtain airbags (which is not offered in Ignis) they stay inflate for a longer period of time.

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