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  1. Anurag Patki
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Sunday, November 25 2018
Hello Gaganji,

I'm searching for a new car with budget of 6-6.50 Lacs.
With the current discounts, I think this would be right time for it.

Here are my requirements -
1. Better build quality & safety
2. Comfort for family (good suspension)
3. Resale value & Mileage

My driving is - 75% City, 25% highway, monthly 1000 kms. approx.

I recently test driven few & shortlisted following cars (who were offering discounts) -
Ameo Comfortline - 6.0 Lacs Final for me (after discounts & exchange),
Tigor XZ - 5.90 Lacs
Freestyle Trend - 6.40 Lacs,
i10 Grand Sportz - 6.10 Lacs.

Which one to choose from, I'm confused. Meanwhile, I casually test drove Freestyle Diesel. And I really loved the driving & handling of that. When enquired, it is going 7.40 Lacs final for me.

So would you please help for following -
1. Does the Freestyle Trend Diesel would be a good choice, esp. given the fact that other available cars are 1 - 1.40 lacs cheaper & the break-even would take 5-6 years atleast. (Would it be wise to invest such amount just for fun-to-drive factor? - I'll take finance from bank).
2. With the given 4 options, I'm more inclined towards Freestyle 1.2 Trend & Tigor XZ >> What would be your advise considering my requirements?
3. Grand i10 I have listed only coz of the Resale factor (& may be low maintenance). Otherwise I feel it second to other 3. Is it better in build & comfort?
4. Ameo gets a hit in mileage (I checked with few owners who said it gives 11-12 in city), otherwise I had really liked it. Is it true that VW might be stopping Production of it late 2019? And so Resale value would take a hit?

Thanks a lot in advance !

Admin Accepted Answer

Greetings !! To assist in basis requirement here are the best cars in each and every parameter

> Build, Safety : Volkswagen Ameo is the best and leads way ahead and is a proven 4 Star NCAP Rated Car
Followed by it would be Tata Tigor and Ford Freestyle to give them equal rating and feels close similar in sturdiness
Hyundai Grand i10 somehow does not feel as impressive in overall sturdiness. In Latin NCAP it scored zero star in 2015

> Suspension Dynamics: Volkswagen Ameo is an outstanding choice basis suspension, steering feedback and has short gear shift
Freestyle too leads with wider tyres which aids in better road pitch contact and Tigor feels absolute good to go on bad roads

> Handling : Been a substantial running of 25% would be on highway, Grand steering just lacks the feedback and feel on higher speed
Here again VW Ameo and Ford Freestyle to my view performs reasonably better

> Resale and Mileage : Basis Present trend Hyundai, Maruti and Honda are no doubt having better command in second hand market
Rest - no other cars comes closer to same

Now basis queries
1. Freestyle Diesel just takes the driving experience and pleasure to next level. It turns out to be an outstanding ride, handling and no other car comes closer to it. Although your annual running does not justify in same, but if you consider in Freestyle Diesel - am sure it can always bring a smile on your face with the outstanding ride, handling and engine Pep. Its a gem of performance.
If you are enthusiast and care for nothing but just the best - go in with Freestyle Diesel, yes the price premium paid may take some more years could possibly be upto 7 years to recover price differential and future upkeep maintenance cost, Interest cost. But - the fun of drive can not be expected in other cars in the segment

2.4 If in Petrol - Ameo Comfortline feels more sturdy, superior build, better suspension, better steering. yes it lacks the space on rear seat and 1 Litre Engine does not feel as Peppy, and may not be the best in mileage but if you feel a car with linear drive yet with all positives about safety - at given price of 6 Lakh On road its an excellent value proposition
The Brand long term resale depends on how well the product do on long term Sales. But - at given price point of 6 Lakh the positives outweigh the negatives as value buy.

3 Grand is good for those who seek an allrounder car for city usage. But expecting sturdy body, steering feedback on higher speed would just be too much. Better to avoid same

Overall - recommendation
> Freestyle Diesel
> Volkswagen Ameo Comfortline

Basis preference may consider either as Value Buy.

Anurag Patki Accepted Answer
Hello Gagnji,

Thanks a lot for the detailed response. Based on my liking & your recommendation, I think I may go ahead with 'Freestyle Trend Diesel' by this month.

Could you please help me further with following -
1. Does the Trend model has phone connectivity? (the brochure says - bluetooth & microphone are part of Trend; however the dealer SA was not sure about this).
2. The SA is giving Rs. 20k discount & after further negotiations, ready to provide Leather seat covers free. Should further negotiation help? And if in terms of accessory & not in money, which accessory should be chosen?
3. The engine undershield - Is this accessory helpful? I was not thinking about it, but recently heard few cases in my society where rats ate up the electric wiring near to engine. So the engine undershield be useful for such cases? Or any other solution for rats issue?
4. The Ceramic coating & car underbody coating - Are these really necessary?

Thanks for help !

Admin Accepted Answer

1. Yes, you can pair the phone to Flyaudio System as available in Freestyle Trend

2. I think it would be PU Art Leather seat covers. Let official discounts to roll in likely on Monday, Tuesday. Yes - further negotiations can help in. You can also save in on Insurance front by buying it Online. The dealer would be willing to sell the most of MY 2018 Inventory stock in December itself, throw a higher up discounted deal or involve second dealer to get even better

3. Yes reasonably recommended accessory. Ford has Engine guard of good quality and recommended to go with it. But is not what a protection for rats but it protects oil sump from road debris while on the move. For mice issue - pl refer Protect Car from Rats

4. Such ceramic coating and underbody coating are not at all required in brand new car. Avoid

Hope should help !!

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