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  1. Mano
  2. Service & Maintenance
  3. Thursday, June 07 2018
When I start to drive my car from a stop the first gear lever is very smooth to shift But during driving at any gear other than the first gear suddenly if I want to downshift from any gear to the first gear the gear lever becomes hard to downshift to the first gear but I can manage to shift the lever to first gear Does it affect the gearbox of my car if so then how can I downshift the gear lever smoothly to the first gear from higher gears during driving or is there any problem with my car gearbox
Admin Accepted Answer

Suggest to
> Check Gear Transmission Oil
> Also possibly could be an issue with Clutch Assembly

Suggest to test drive at slight higher speed tomorrow morning, and check
> Are you able to change Gear on Higher Speed or Stiffness on it
> Any Vibration on Gear Lever
> Is there a Play in Clutch - means Clutch pedal depressing just more than regular level

Then, basis outcome report at nearest Service center to get car inspected
Hope should help !!

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Chinmay Accepted Answer
I have this issue as well. The service center ppl adjust the gear plate to resolve this issue, however, it reoccurs again after 1 to 2 months.

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Shashank Accepted Answer
After some time after driving the car , gear shifting would be difficult ,as far as all gears concern, this problem came since 4-5 days.

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