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  1. Siva
  2. Service & Maintenance
  3. Tuesday, June 05 2018
I have an i20 2013 Petrol model driven 48K. Last week i traveled in a hilly area with full luggage load (Occupied 2nd row as well) . Unfortunately there was some accident in the hill road and traffic piled up for more than 5 kms. I drove inch by inch in 1st and 2nd gear, some places i used handbrake to avoid car going back and then released clutch & handbrake at the same time to climb the road. I am not a superb driver, just learning the skills.:(

Because of this, my clutch overheated, become very soft, sticky and stopped engaging gears at some point, simply RPM raises but car does not move. I observed the burning smell as well. I stopped the car for 10 minutes. Started again, now car is able to move but clutch not as normal, It was too sticky. As it was late evening and hence i don't want to get struck in hill, so i drove the car for another 25kms with this problem and stopped on a safer zone.

Searched for a mechanic but not able to find one. It was almost 30 mins i stopped the vehicle now. I thought let me take the vehicle to my home (another 150kms) then tomorrow get it to the service center. But now when i started the vehicle, surprisingly the clutch become normal and i don't see any problem in engaging gears. On next day also, i dont see any problem, so i did not take it to service center till now.

I shared the same with my friends and they advised to change the clutch plate as it may troublesome in future. Can you please clarify me few things,

1. Clutch overheating and back to normal, Is it an expected one or advisable to change the clutch?
2. If i have to change the clutch, how much it may cost?
3. Is it covered under insurance (I dont have zero dep)
4. I am the second owner, when i enquired with first owner, he said, he has changed the clutch once around 20K as he drove the car in water slogged area in 1st and 2nd gear which resulted in clutch burn. Hyundai service center mechanic as advised to change the clutch and it was changed. I have cross checked and it was an genuine replacement.

Thanks in Advance.
  Parappana Agrahara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068, India
Admin Accepted Answer

Clutch Heating is a rare phenomenon
Its like, unless driving real bad then only clutch gets heat up
For Hill drive - In such cases - one can put car in 1st Gear - and release Clutch without a need to actually press accelerator
If driving in a way with Hand-brake up, pressing accelerator and clutch pedal simultaneously - the Clutch gets slipping beyond a limit impacting the clutch with much faster wear

Now as you observing that the car is okay

Suggest to take an early morning drive tomorrow and drive at
> slight higher speed
> Pickup from moderate to higher speed

If the car feels okay to drive with RPM matching in speed, clutch working fine - you are good to go
Hope should help !!

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Siva Accepted Answer
Thanks Admin
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Rudy Degabriele Accepted Answer
I have the Hyundai i20 coupe 3dr hatchback 2016 and have exactly the same problem... it happened first 4 weeks a go... i was driving in the afternoon in the heat and my car stopped with the same problem of yours.. gear goes in properly , revs will go up but the car doesn't accelerate. Ps my car has 20,000 km

I went to Hyundai Malta as i bought it brand new from showroom 3 years ago and the car is still under guarantee and told me that the car has a problem with the master cylinder. I waited 2 weeks for the part and told me that my car is ok now and i can pick it up.. today after 2 weeks back with my car the same problem happened again.. car stopped left it for 30 mins then went back and the car became normal again... :( :(
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Vaman Accepted Answer
I have an i20 2013 Petrol model driven 18K. Today i am facing the same problem. My car is stationary for last one month so i started the car today plan to reach office by car. My Office is 45 km far from my home. When i am 2km far from my office i realized that my clutch is not normal & when i pressing it, the same cant upward automatically. There were so many car in my behind knocking the horn loudly. I was feel jitter in the jam. Again i started my car & 1st gear up but car is not moving now but after few second its moving, because of the clutch doesn't work properly. After same kind of trouble i reached office safely(damn lately:( ). I am worried what happened to my car so i called to the service centre they told me first they will check & let me know & costing estimation be around 6K.
After 2 hours i was visit my office parking & started my car and gear up, i am surprised my clutch working perfectly.

1.Can anybody tell what is the reason for the trouble this happen for the first time with me????
2. Should i vist to service centre?
3.This Problem has been occur due to stationary of car?
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