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  1. Nilesh M. Desai
  2. CNG Kit, LPG Kit
  3. Wednesday, May 23 2018
Fiat Punto was fitted with lovato sequential CNG kit 3 days back. I drove the car and encountered warning for " check engine " and car stopped while running. Also " check engine oil pressure insufficient" and car stops. On switching to petrol those warnings and stopping of car did not happen at all.
I visited CNG fitting station,
' Blue Drive" at Ghatkopar, and they disconnected " CKP"
Problme disappears, prima facie.
Is it the only solution or other solution can be there,like
Try with other type of CKP or calibrate it, if possible?
Will it affect engine of car?
will it affect performance of car?
Admin Accepted Answer

CKP is nothing but is what Timing Advancer which
> Improved acceleration
> Address Power loss if car observing especially in lower gear

However - the settings of CKP is what makes a direct impact on Engine Performance
As the issue resolved after disconnecting CKP - It seems that CKP settings need tune up, possibly connect with some one who is experienced in the field to get CKP tune up with engine performance.

Hope should help !!

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  2. CNG Kit, LPG Kit
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Jamy Accepted Answer
Hey Buddy - Nice to read that someone has installed CNG on punto. How is your 3 months experience ?

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  2. CNG Kit, LPG Kit
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Evo Accepted Answer
In most modern cars, when you try to advance ignition timing via only CKP and ignore CMP sensors, there is a timing mismatch registered by Petrol ECU which triggers the check engine light and disturbs the running of the car. Solution lies in using Dynamic or Variable Timing advancer which 1) connects to CKP as well as CMP (1 or 2 nos of CMP if car is so equipped) and set a variable advance to the timing of the car- via a software - so the car's performance is like petrol and there are no errors

Hope it helps,

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  2. CNG Kit, LPG Kit
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