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  1. Mandeep Dhir
  2. Service & Maintenance
  3. Saturday, May 19 2018
Hi Gagan,

I own 2014 make Grand i10 diesel Magna variant. It has run 56K kms; but in last service I was told by service center that my turbocharger / EGR valve are impacted. They say the cost is 16K (for turbo) and 25K (for EGR). Also, they are saying that you should sell it as the engine life is impacted and even after fixing above things it might not fix things a lot. I do feel sluggishness and uneasiness in car while driving whlle picking car from 3rd to 4th gear.

I am confused at the moment what do do here.
- Should I retain this car without fixing it for another year and then purchase a new BS6 car also with improved safety regulations effective October this year (I read you another post regarding it).
- Should I just sell it ASAP and purchase BS4 right away
- Should I get the car fixed with 40K expenses told above; and retain it for another couple of years and then sell it.

Please let me know your thoughts as I am very confused. Since car purchase is 5-6 years investment; I wanted to have an expert's opinion.

My requirement is around 15K kms per year.
Admin Accepted Answer

First come first - i presume that the car is not under warranty
4 years is too less for a Turbo and EGR to be failing

What are the other symptoms of failing EGR and Turbo been faced ?
Was there any OBD Scan been done by workshop ? Is EGR has a leakage or is it EGR been clogged as what confirmed ?
Any Black smoke ? Engine mis-fire on start ? Rough coarse ride ?

Did you wrote to HMIL on same to possibly cover it under good will gesture
You can raise in quality issue and am sure - if pursued to a level - can atleast get in 50% of the part cost to be borne by OEM
Next comes the workshop view - for what reason are they saying that post EGR and turbo replacement - things will not improve ?

Suggest to also get vehicle inspected from some other after-market possibly Bosch or any reputed center who can also diagnose the issue.

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Mandeep Dhir Accepted Answer
I am attaching the details of issues specified by workshop service.

- Yes, car is not under warranty; I had bought 3 years extended warranty but was not aware that it could be extended to 4 years. I received no advice or phone call regarding same.
- Synptoms that I feel are only rough coarse ride. Especially from 3rd to 4th gear. Mileage is not much impacted though. I get 21 without AC in winters and 19 odd in summers with AC. Mostly city driving at 30 kmph average speed.
- No OBD Scan as the workshop guy did not mention anything nor it was part of service bill.
- Leakage of turbocharger/EGR is suspected. (attached exact detail)
- No Black smoke; No Engine backfire. But rough coarse ride is there especially beyond 3rd gear. (40kmph plus speed)

Not raised to HMIL. Will do it now.

Workshop guy said that seems like due to leakage, oil has gone into engine which has severe impact on engine life. So, even after changing parts, the impact on engine won't improve a lot.

I am planning to go to Carware Noida Bosch service center now on coming Saturday.

Thanks for your response.
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Pavan Parsa Accepted Answer
SAMe issue here as well.
Grand i10 Diesel engine 52K smoke and while overtaking on a high way... God know my problem.
doesn't rise up to parameters.
From Khammam of Telangana
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Ashish Jain Accepted Answer
Hi Mandeep,

I am getting exactly same issue that my car is not picking up good speed and when I go on slopes bottom to top it's very hard to drive. when I switch gear from 3rd to 4th and 4th to 5th it seems engine is sluggish and seems it is not working.

I got inspected my car in Gurgaon with gomechanic service centre. The mechanic investigated the issue and told me that turbo assembly will be changed that has been failed and the cost will be around 18000.00 INR.

I bought this grand i10 diesel version sportz in year 2014 April. I have drew this car around 60000 and now I am facing the the issue.

This car belongs to Agra UP 80 please suggest me what should I do, should I sell this car without repaired this issue or should I repair this issue and keep this? I am very confused. I need your help please give me your valuable suggestion.

I can mention my phone number. Please call me at 9891106712.
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Mandeep Accepted Answer
Ashish, I kept the car till date without going for any turbo/egr changes. It's running fine (23K kms since problem) though with less pickup and smoothness.
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