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  1. Dinesh singh
  2. Second Hand Cars
  3. Monday, February 26 2018
I am in serious double mind with regard to my next buy. I am looking for an able city commuter with moderate to frequent highway usage car. My highway commute is around 8-10k a year. For city commute i have Polo which i am planning to sell in favour of Kwid AMT as it is primarily used by my wife.

My main requirement is an able SUV/MUV with high ground clearance and mechanical reliability. Though my first choices were Endeavour (old) and XUV (2010-12) as those were fitting my bill. But i discarded the same in favour of reliability. After due deliberation i have homed on to innova(2011-2013) and Terrano (2014-15). Though my first choice is Innova but there are two things against it. First is the age which i know is not a big deal considering Toyota Tag. Yet it is almost 3-4 year older then Terrano for the same price.

And second thing is the NGT ban. So if i buy an Innova of 2010-13 vintage then perhaps i shall be buying a car for at the most 2-4 years before i have to sell it off out of state at throw away price. In that field Terrano gives me 2-3 years of extra time to extract the maximum out of it. Also considering the fact that Terrano is around 1-2L cheaper too. Though it will come at the cost of 2 extra seats which is offered by Innova, but i think i can live with that.

Considering the fact that this vehicle will be used primary for highway runs for about 12-14 times a year, which is a better buy?
Dinesh singh Accepted Answer
Thank you very much for the prompt reply. You are right to point out that Kwid AMT is a step down from Polo. But the heavy traffic and crazy driving in delhi trumps any sensible option. Nexon is not comparable to Terrano in driving comfort and road presence. And in any case I intend to keep the vehicle for not more than 5 years. So paying a premium of ‘New’ car badge while I shall be using it for half a decade precludes the financial planning. Similarly for a 7 year Innova and 5 year Innova the price difference is around 4-5 lacs (5-6L for ‘V’ 2011 model while 2013 models is not less than 8-9 for G). So if I buy a 2014-15 XV Terrano I expect to pay around 7L. Thus while paying around 1-1.5L extra over Innova I would be gaining around 3-4 years in vintage which is substantial. If I consider Innova 2014-15 vintage then I would be paying around 10-11L and as I said I would not keep car more than 5 years I expect to pay around 50K per year for ownership cost sans servicing and other expenses.

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Admin Accepted Answer

1. Suggest to reconsider this - as it seems a bad idea to downgrade for sake of AMT from Polo to Kwid
For city commute i have Polo which i am planning to sell in favour of Kwid AMT as it is primarily used by my wife.

Even if its used by better half - suggest to go in for a car with 1.2 Litre engine and CVT transmission

2. For comparing Terrano and Innova - whats the price, Which Model Variant
Well - if you getting in 2011 make G Variant Innova and 2015 Make Terrano XV at same price then it makes sense
Else - Nissan Terrano has very average sales and mere off selling just 150 - 200 units a month
Nissan own portfolio - Micra, Active, Sunny, Terrano is mere selling 1000 cars a month on average
Despite steep price cut of Sunny in 2017, Micra Minor Facelift, Terrano Facelift - the sales are at its bottom
Its Datsun redi go which is helping Nissan in game

Pl understand that Used car market, valuation is also impacted based on sales of New Car. If a model sales tumbled to that low then its second hand car market is also impacted.

If SUV with High Ground clearance, reliability is what you considering in a budget price and okay with 5 seater usage
Presuming budget around 7 to 8 Lakh - will rather suggest to explore in rather New Car
1. Tata Nexon XE Diesel
2. Maruti Brezza Ldi Option

You will get Space, Raised Ground clearance, Good Suspension for reasonably good dynamics for Highway, Mid range
Top of all - reliability, warranty and feel of new car will do all good

Hope should help !!

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