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  Wednesday, 07 February 2018
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I am considering Verna SX variant and Nexon XZ+ variant. Please propose between Hyundai Verna & Tata Nexon. My requirements are
Strong body structure
Best suspension to have smooth ride on bad roads (city/highway)
Very good high-speed stability
Low on maintenance between both cars
Petrol engine to drive in city/highway

Doubt: Many Verna owners mentioned me that braking is not so good and especially there have been many accidents because of high-speed braking ability on highways. Same case with latest verna as well - I did test drive and many auto experts mentioned the lacking of brake feel on spirited/highspeed driving.
4 years ago

Well - its true that there are petition even to extent filed by Hyundai owner where they experience Brake pedal jam on Panic Brake
Even Some owners have not experienced better braking

Although the workshop claims that ABS is in action but am in sync with 3 of the owners who have posted there comments as below - for info
1. You go check in service centres, they ll tell you its 'ABS working'. But !!! ABS dsnt work this way. It definitely has a problem.

2. Part of the reason I sold off my Creta was this exact problem. Many times, at speeds of over 80 kmph, the brakes simply didn't bite. You can imagine the panic which set in. Subsequent pumping action resulted in the ABS kicking in after the 3rd attempt

3. I am a frequent user of Creta and yes, there is definitely a breaking problem. When I experience situations on my own, don't need a third party to vouch for it

Hyundai Verna Petrol Suspension is for soft side and if care to drive often on bad roads then will not recommend Verna
Now for Nexon - although the suspension is rigid but due to even wider tyres, and more stiffer suspension - the suspension dynamics are sporty on high speed but slow drive on bad roads would just make it slight unease. Having said same - on speed front and stability - its reasonably good enough,

Hope should help !!
4 years ago
Thank you for a Genuine feedback and I respect you for sharing the same with us. Keep up the good work. Manufacturer should rectify this problem immediately and regain customer trust if they care about the peoples life.
4 years ago
Hi There,

As discussed here "that braking is not so good and especially there have been many accidents because of high-speed braking ability on highways."

One of my close relatives, owned a new Hyundai Verna face the same issue last night, it was a very narrow escape, the right/driver side of the car is damaged badly but luckily everyone is safe.

Can anyone suggest how to complain this to the higher authorities. ?
4 years ago
Yes, I have observed the braking issues in Verna 2017 model. At some stage the brake didn’t apply at all and the car jumped over the speed braker. I don’t think ABS is designed for this problem. We have to relay on braking system. At one stage car just dragged further after applying the full brake, I had to use hand brake to slow the car down.
4 years ago
I have the same issue on my Verna auto diesel 2014

Never been happy with the breaking
Pedal kickbacks are terrible
High speed panic breaks are scary
I'm scared to drive fast knowing my breaks will give out

I'm looking for recommendations on how to upgrade my discs or pads ?

Based out of Hyderabad any suggestions will be appreciated
4 years ago
Gagan Ji,

As you would know, all the models of Verna and Creta were enabled with EBD recently for better braking efficiency. My friend has purchased New Verna with EBD model and shared his experience about one particular incident; when he was traveling on national highway around 90kmph he encountered lacking of high speed braking all of a sudden on the highway. Also he mentioned that the model with EBD had effective braking when compared with previous model without EBD.

Hyundai didn't resolve braking issue yet. How do we escalate this problem to Hyundai. Please let me know your thoughts.
I have purchased a new verna(latest) 1.4ex and on the way from pune to Chandrapur which is almost 800 kms felt the braking is an issue. When I applied break at speed 110 kmph at around 40 kmph there is a panic in break (it feels something like khad-khad-khad) and the vehicle doesnt come to desired speed. Today (12-06-2018) i have reported the issue to service center. lets see what they say.
4 years ago
Yes, hyundai verna have braking issues. I always feel that the peddle kickbacks are horrible. You wont even feel like the car is equipped with ABS. Terrible feedback from the braking system.

I have approached 2 service centers in Bangalore Trident Hyundai Krpuram and Advaith hyundai whitefiled to get them checked. They have replaced the front disc pads still the same issue. They actually don't have a solution. They simply say "everything is fine", a ready made dumb answer.
4 years ago
I too feel the same problem with the brake..a kind of khad khad khad sound comes out when I apply the brake in a rough road..brake does not give the punch..which is required..
4 years ago
This is an update that Hyundai Verna Brake issue is resolved in new batches of 2018 Series
May refer Verna Review

Kindly see in complete for driving experience of the braking part
4 years ago
I have the New 2018 1.6 SX automatic Hyundai Verna... there is a BIG issue with the braking system...whenever there is a bump and you try to apply brakes at high speed... the braking pedal almost gets stuck with noise/feeling like “KHAD KHAD”

I almost had an accident, we all need to SUE Hyundai for playing with people’s life...

Everyone getting this issue - pls call me on 9910741518 or mail me - ankitkbohra@gmail.con
I have a 2017 Verna SX petrol and even I have the same braking issue. The sound comes when I brake on rough roads. One time I experienced the same on a highway and I panicked. I went to Hyundai and they checked and said the brakes are fine. Recently I went and hit a wall. I applied full brakes and the car was still moving. Even the handbrakes didn’t not work at that time. Luckily I was parking my car. Had it been some highway I would Have been done.
I got so much angry and fired the service advisor. They got the vehicle checked and again “ everything is fine.that would because of the tyres”. My front tyres were a bit worn out. But I am damn sure that this happened because of the brakes and not the tyres.
After having spent 15 lakhs on a car , I am afraid to drive it now.
Hyundai should be sued for this.
Anyone has any solution for this braking issue? Did any one sort this out at least from some outside workshop.?
3 years ago
I brought 2019 Made Verna, still hyundai dint resolve the braking issue. Khad khad sound comes and kicks back the petal forcefully as soon as tyre sees the pot hole or spreed braker.
3 years ago
I have a 2019 model of the nextgen verna and i also have the exact same issue. Hyundai will definitely need to do a recall or initiate a fix up program.

For me the issue happens in 2 scenarios.
1) Sudden Breaks at high speeds ( usually above 80 kmph), the breaks feel numb and literally almost no breaking is happening. Also there is a weird sound almost like what people described in this post. and also the feeling as if the breaks have slipped or got misaligned or jammed. even after 1-3 seconds ABS has not kicked in or not working. I have to manually release break a bit and reapply for the break and abs to start working.

If i do gradual breaking this never happens. Only on sudden breaks.

2) Sudden Breaks in Bad Roads. and 90% of the time most often before speed breakers. Car literally flies through speed breakers as the breaks dont work and car doesnt slow down. *sigh*

Any idea on how to resolve this ? Is this a Disk Break Issue or a Drum Break Issue ?
2 years ago
Even in 2020 this issue is still there, I bought my Verna in 2017 Sep and I have experienced the same issue in 2018 then they have replaced the discs and now I’m experiencing the same problem...
1 year ago
HI i have Hyundai Verna 2018 SX model and having the same braking issue that most of you described above. It generally did not work when you apply on rough road you get this khad khad sound and felt like the brakes are jammed and you have to release it and re apply it.

i went to the service station and report the same they just change the front disk brakes and said everything is fine bt truth is nothing resolved even by changing the disc brake.

Either they don't know what is the real cause of it or they don't know how to fix it but it is scary and could cost someone life.

Hyundai has to do something soon to address this issue and fix it. its there responsibility and duty to look after to there customer and the product they have manufactured.
1 year ago
my friend first you should know how ABS WORK. the khad khad sound is because of ABS. ABS doest not apply full break. its like brake on and off so to avoid tyre skit
1 year ago
See I got the very first variant of Fluidic Verna 1.6 sx (manual top model 2011), not talking about the comfort or features of the car but braking is the same as described by all users!

Got new brake pads as I drive above 120km per hour usually on the Delhi Chd Highway or Noida Expressway but still I wore off the brake pads in a month like seriously I am shocked, pads are gone!

Update that resolved my issue :
Cost : ₹30-40k
Some changes everyone needs to make if driving at high speeds VERNA MAUT HOJAEGI so telling everybody to get racing brake clippers and racing disc pads of any brand as per your budget! There is a certain clipper that fails to apply (also slips in mud, potholes, speed brakers) the brake at high speed due to overheating or fails to push the liquid as braking is not mechanical in Verna it’s liquid filled in my 2011 model don’t know about the newer modes but yeah get changed that clipper it’s inside of the tire, car needs to be lifted to see that!
1 month ago
:( I have purchased the new Hyundai Verna 2018. I met with 2 horrific accident because of breaking failure. One in 2021 January where I was driving through a ghat road 70-80kmph & did hit the breaks it did not even apply with khad khad sounds & my car hit at the side wall and got a serious damage. When I told the at my service centre,they told there is no such issue & it's perfectly fine. Spent around 1 lakh to repair
Now again yesterday 😭 I met with a horrific collision on highway at 80-90kmph. The car went in front applied breaks & I pumped my breaks it dint even apply, nothing even worked. Felt like a total break failure. The care git to rear of the opponent & it was really horrific. We had a narrow escape with minor injuries. It's now left in garage. It is manufacturing defect & don't go for Verna.
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