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  1. Gaurav
  2. Service & Maintenance
  3. Sunday, October 22 2017
Hi, I have purchased a Volkswagen Vento TSI with 7 dsg gearbox in end of 2016. The car has run less than 10k. I am a concerned due to whirling sound that pops up only when car is driven in traffic jam esp stop and go traffic for sometime. The sound is only there while picking up from stop and once it comes it stays until I switch off the car for sometime.

I am concerned as it is not regular and difficult to communicate to service Center and also if it Means i should not be taking it to a long trip

Please guide
Admin Accepted Answer

Are you also somehow experiencing
> any loss of pickup ?
> Excessive smoke

From the details you mentioned if coupled with either of above - it looks like a noise from Turbo-Charger and indicates a problem in Turbo

In case there is no change in pickup / smoke then possibly can be loose belt, which can easily be tightened up by workshop
In either of them - try to see if can record a video and check if the car having excess smoke by parking in idling.

Before taking any long trip, its recommended to get car thoroughly inspected to rule out any major issue - Turbo certainly comes in that category and needs to be assessed in based on symptoms mentioned to rule out issue.

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Gaurav Accepted Answer
Hi, thanks for your views. I have happened to record a video given its hard to replicate it at time of inspection.

Its for sure a problem when car has been driven for more than an hour.

In the video the noise is at low rpms while picking

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gaurav Accepted Answer
Just to close the thread. I showed it to service center. they drove it for half an hour and found problem with new clutch.
It was replaced under warranty

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