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  Friday, 06 October 2017
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hi there
I am using Renault Duster Diesel 110psi Manual Transmission Model Year 2013 completed almost 33000kms. Today I was driving the car and all of sudden its gear handle stuck in between and did not shift to any gear. But when I switched off the ignition, it was moving in all directions. And after 15 mins when I started the car again, the same problem persists. Could you please suggest me the possible problem in the car.
6 years ago

Well - could be related to one to multiple issue for difficulty or unable to gear shift at all

The most common reason for same is
> No Gear Oil. Check for Fluid Levels - if no fluid then possibly due to leak it has happened causing the issue

> Clutch Issue - where due to clutch is completely worn out (clutch plate, pressure plate, release bearing) and due to same gear shifts are not happening at all

Suggest to get inspected on immediate basis as the car can stall in between.
Hi Rahul,
This week I also faced same problem. After rectifying issue, real problem was air entrapment in the clutch hydraulic circuit. This air entrapment is caused by servicing person who didnt air bleed after connecting clutch cable assembly. Proper lubrication of clutch cable assembly and air bleeding clutch cable assembly will solve this problem.
Here are some videos & technical information for your additional information.

It should help
4 years ago
Same problem here too while shifting gear. Have been telling the service people but they weren't helpful. The issue started in the first year itself. Suddenly getting stuck in traffic because of this issue .

Kerala. Palakkad.
4 years ago
I am facing the same problem. From 3rd it won’t shift to higher gears n suddenly I will get moving to 4th n 5th gear is impossible.
3 years ago
Hi all
My renault sandero 2011 United model is not selecting 3rd 4th 5th and reverse gears at all even when the car is switched of. I really don't know wat to do. Gearbox oil is fine no noise coming from the gearbox. The one day it only took 1st and 2nd I continued to drive it for about 2km and suddenly it took the rest of the gears, now it only has 1st and 2nd. Gear lever feels hard to move from 2nd to 3rd
Any ideas?
3 years ago
What would be the reason for 4 yrs jeep transmission to go bad, and only the dealer work on it.
2 years ago
what to do now as i am stuck
2 years ago
I am using Renault Duster RXZ 110 PS AMT 2018 model. I am facing a weird problem since last couple of months. If I park my vehicle in reverse gear and leave the gear in reverse, I can not move the vehicle forward even if I change the gear. I have a workaround to correct it by resetting battery everytime I have this issue. Can anyone suggest the reason for this problem and a permanent solution. Thanks
2 years ago
Dear All. I am facing the same problem but want to add one more that even though I have pused my clutch even after my car is running. Without releasing clutch. Unable to understand the real problem.
Kindly suggest ... What to do.
1 year ago
If your gear works when the ignition is turned off, then the issue is with the clutch. Confirm it by checking the play in your clutch.

The most common reason behind this will be the air gap due to improper clutch cable assembly. Or, if your car has crossed 50k km after the clutch change, you might need to replace the clutch.

If you are stuck somewhere, try pumping the clutch repeatedly for 3-5 minutes, then try to change the gear. If that's not working, give the car some time to cool off, at least an hour, then you will be able to do the shifting for 10-15 km.
1 year ago
Hi, I observed that in Jammed place, when i run d car for 20 - 30 min in 1st gear with run - stop - run with continously pressing clutch, such issue arises. Gear stop working.
I need to turn off the ignition, then put the gear in 1st, and start the ignition. Then it go for while, after sokw time gear start working.

I had take up this issue with service centre, then were unable to find the reason.
11 months ago
Own Duster 4x4 2018 model. Vehicle goes into limp mode. Coil light comes on together with ant skid light. Limps along. When I turn ignition off, car restarts immediately and limp mode is gone. Both lights are off. This happens occasionally. Have checked sensors and computer shows no faults. However still happens intermittently. Lately the vehicle cuts out. Sometimes struggles to start. Sometimes only starts again after a couple of hours. Has anybody had the same problem? If so how was it fixed?
8 months ago
I have same issue with my logan even after a clutch replacement turns out its a leaking pressure regulator witch sits on the gearbox problem is part has been ordered 4 weeks on still not come
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