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  1. Anil Gadher
  2. Second Hand Cars
  3. Tuesday, September 19 2017
I am working in private sector company, company buy car for me on company's name and provide us for five year with monthly installment, at the end of fifth year my company will transfer car on my name, now what will be GST applicable on this transfer?
Admin Accepted Answer

As referred in stated article - GST on Used Cars

There will not be any GST Applicable

Please note that
> GST is applicable on the Margins of Dealer (which is when he buy used car and sell it ahead)
> GST is payable only by the Dealer who is involved in Used Car Sale Purchase
> No GST Payable when not when two direct entities are involved without any dealer in between

Hope should help !!

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Deshmukh Samir Accepted Answer
Dear sir

I am also facing the same issue. My employer has a leased company as a group company which provides vehicles to employees on 4 years of lease but if employee left comany prior the this period the he/she needs to pay the rest amount.

The employer provided me with 10 lacs eligibility and the difference of 6 lacs was paid by me

In my case, employer is saying that GST is applicable on resale of vehice and the car value is exceeding thE showroom price even.

I want to know the final result of your case.

Was GST applicable to your case or not?

Please reply

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