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  3. Thursday, August 31 2017
my wagon r lxi Glistening Grey is scratched badly from two sides i want to repaint total car .can i claim insurance for repainting whole car,if not how much it will cost me total repainting wagon r in delhi
Admin Accepted Answer

No - this will not be covered in Insurance
Insurance company will only clear in paint cost to the extent of damages
Also - as you mentioned that car scratches badly from 2 sides - insurance company will clear bill of damage of 1 side due to Insurance policy terms.

In terms of Painting the Entire Car - Cost will be substantial as high as extent of Rs 40K or even higher as indicative paint cost.
But pls note that even if you go for it, it will deteriorate the car value substantially - as it may well be presumed in accidental category (been entire paint overhaul done) at time of Re-sale.

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Siddharth Accepted Answer
my car runing board s totol damage. dent dggi and bonet chANge running board and repair full car.
and change color dual tone roof black and body slver

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