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  1. Mukul Mathur
  2. CNG Kit, LPG Kit
  3. Saturday, June 17 2017

My car was jerking a lot on CNG mode, for the past one week. I went for the checkup, he checked Thru software & said you to change the map sensor to make it smooth. Adding to this since all the spark plugs were also short, I got all the plugs changed.

Since then, my car is missing a lot & I am unable to accelerate on CNG.

Any help would be appreciated and also Where can I purchase a MAP sensor (MP 48) for my Honda car, in or near Dwarka, Delhi. Pls help it's may call me at 981949412

Admin Accepted Answer

Which brand CNG Kit ?

I believe the Retro Fit center would have had performed scan
Did he shared the error code ? What was the MAP Sensor Reading

To tell you - MAP sensor in layman language is used by ECU to determine the Air flow rate and thus impact the performance of car in air-fuel mixture and ignition timing. As you mentioned that the car is unable to accelerate and pickup - technically very low engine load - it yes could potentially be due to issue MAP Sensor or related to other reasons like O2 Sensor too

if the car working fine on petrol and the issue only happens CNG - suggest to visit retro fit center and get scan done with error codes, if only they confirm for an issue - then go for replacement of MAP Sensor (which comes according to CNG Kit type - Every CNG Kit has different MAP Sensor)

In terms of costing - can anywhere cost around Rs 2500 - 3000 for the CNG MAP Sensor
Should help !!

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MANDEEP Singh Accepted Answer
I'm glad I find cng related thread on net.
I am currently also facing this same problem. I read my engine fault code via obd 2. I clearly said problem is high air intake on bank 1.

My cng guy i have some error.

Today i will go to him again to rectify this. I hope he will solve it. I wil update here too.

op did you solve your problem.
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Masri Khuti Accepted Answer
Sir I have a Hyundai verna fluidic 2012 model vtvt 1.6 sx. I institutiol Lovato sequence cng kit some 1 year ago. Now my car jurking after 50-60 km run in cng and engine light also blinking some 10-12 second.
I changed car pluges and scan also. But not any responses. What can I do?
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  2. CNG Kit, LPG Kit
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Paritosh Panchal Accepted Answer

I have faced the same issue in Nissan Datsun Go and i have managed to solve it by changing TAP(Timing Advance Processor).
Now my car runs very smooth and there is no Engine Check light and Jerks.

Hope this helps you.
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  2. CNG Kit, LPG Kit
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