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  1. Arun
  2. Car Accessories, Infotainment
  3. Wednesday, April 19 2017
Dear Sir,

My CIAZ VXI+ petrol is 6 months old. Last week, the slider in the centre AC vent outlet is broken. The service centre informed me it is not covered in warranty and the entire vent outlet set needs to be replaced as a whole which will cost 1000+. My car has run only 2500 kms only. Please let me know if this is covered in warranty.

Also please advise what does average in instrument cluster refers to? I am getting an average of 19.5 km/l. Is it safe to consider that it is actual mileage of car?

Thank you
  Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Admin Accepted Answer

yes - Dealer is correct - its not covered in warranty
As - the part broken is a plastic part and can possibly be broken due to bad handling

In terms of Mileage - the Mileage in Odometer is determined by Car ECU (in layman language the computer module aka brain of car Engine Management System

Through it the car engine fuel efficiency is also output as one of the parameters
Can safely consider it to be 95% Accurate. However - a Malfunction is always a possibility in which case - one can also cross check in the average mileage manually

Manual Way of Checking Mileage
» Fill up the Tank Full (Do not Overfill after AutoCut)
» Note the Odometer Reading or Reset one of the Trip Meters to Zero
» Drive it for 150 Kms
» Refill Fuel in Car car (Do not Overfill after AutoCut) at the same Petrol Pump
» Divide Number of Kms Driven by the Fuel Litre Poured - to get Mileage

The Fuel should be refilled from the same Petrol Pump and possibly at same time (as due to temperature - density of fuel changes)
Ideal in morning to get fuel refilled. Refer post on - Car Fuel Station Tips

Hope should help !!

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