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  1. Grv1822
  2. Service & Maintenance
  3. Wednesday, April 12 2017

My beloved fiat palio 1.2 sports is giving me a problem recently. It is overheating after driving for 2 to 3 kms. And by overheating i mean it shoots the temp gauge to red within a minute. So here is the story of how i began to get the overheating problem. (plz bear with me. Its quite long)

I don't use the car much. Around 50kms a week max. One day i took the car out for a drive. But car stopped on the road after 2 to 3 kms ride. I couldn't get the car started. Towed it to the nearest mechanic. Diagnosis was cut alternator belt so the battery was not charging. replaced 3 alternator belts and the car started working fine. The very evening i went to the mechanic to get the car. He told me the total cost was 2300. 1000 for labor charge and 1300 for 3 alternator belt replacement. I paid the amount. Before leaving i started the car and reved it for a while. A loud screeching sound came. Mechanic tightened the alternator belt as his diagnosis was the screeching sound came due to loose alternator belt. It disappeared. So i was ready to take the car home but then i noticed the car’s temp reading was close to the red line.(due to the high revs, i guess but was surely abnormal). Told the mechanic with frustration how the engine got overheated. He told me he removed radiator cap accidentally while repairing the alternator. (who does that accidentally). So i waited a while to let the engine cool down. After that i topped the radiator with distilled water to max. And rode home. Still the car was overheating on the way to home. I reached home with short breaks and parked it and hoped that the problem will be solved overnight. Next day i took the car out for short drive but still the same problem persists but now the screeching sound from the engine has returned while accelerating the car. And Sound increases when the ac is turned on. So are these two overheating and screeching sound related or completely different problems?

Now i went to another mechanic and he told me with 100 percent assurance that the overheating problem is due to failure in head gasket. I was not sure of his diagnosis. So went to other and he quoted a failed cylinder head. And now im confused. But Here is the weird part. No coolant leaks. No oil layer on the radiator reservoir. No white smoke from exhaust. No mayonnaise colored engine oil. No air bubbles in radiator reservoir.

And the most frustrating part is im not an indian citizen and i recently shifted to bangalore. I think the mechanics are taking me for a ride because of the same reason. Most of the time im having hard time communicating with them and they gets irritated while explaining in English or hindi.

I would be grateful if someone can figure out the problem. And thnks in advance for your time.
Admin Accepted Answer

Post Distilled water been poured in - did you went for replacement of Coolant
If yes - is it recommended concentrated coolant as poorly concentrated coolant will also go in for increase in temperature

How about the water pump ? Was it inspected, It might have also gone bad - due to which its bearing were rather creating sound
If its water pump failure - it can also cause in screeching sound (which is a sound from bearing). In that case - one should avoid driving the car and rather tow the car to workshop, before it turns too late causing gasket head been failing - which is a significant repair

Will suggest to visit in Ford Authorized workshop and get
> Coolant Replaced
> Inspect any Fault in Water Pump Failure
As - driving it may just be too late to cause head gasket failure

To help with here are Fiat Authorized Workshops in Bangalore
> Ebony Automobiles Pvt Ltd
NO 76/1, Behind Muneshwara Temple, Near Ring Road, Veeranapalya, Arabic College Post, Bangalore, Karnataka
Phone No : 9480839004, 080 - 32011844

> KHT Agencies Pvt Ltd
KHT Fiat, No.6, Survey No.140, Mtb Compound, Hoody Village, Mahadevpura Post, Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560048
Phone No : 9035002276, 080 - 28410124

> Vecto Motors
No.58, 1A, Singadandra, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560068
Phone No : Workshop - 9900067628

May check out one in close viscinity
Hope should help !!

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Rob Accepted Answer
Got exactly the same problem replaced wpump new thermostat new head gasket new water bottle. Still boils water out water bottle

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