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  1. ritesh
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  3. Thursday, March 16 2017
I am planning to buy new Maruti Baleno this year. With every aspects looking perfect , the only concern for me is the weight and the HEARTECT platform of this car.

The hatch with almost 4m length weighs only 850 odd kgs. This is even lighter than its brother smaller swift.

Can you sir throw some light on this area. While even i20 weighs more than 1000k ,how much safety can be expected from this new HEARTECT platform. Does this platform make Baleno (or the upcoming swift)really more safety than say i20, figo or these are just gimmick and are just cost cutting ways.
Please have your views sir.
Admin Accepted Answer

Safety can be primarily attributed to 3 factors

a) Speed. If one driving at insane speed of 150 to 160 Kmph on Indian roads - whatever car whether its Audi / Benz or Baleno - nothing can withstand this high speed crash - see attached pic of Toyota Fortuner Accident in South Africa. The Build considered as best almost torn off completely on speed of 150 Kmph

b) Safety Features - The First Line of Safety is Ofcourse the Seat Belt - next comes all
If the car comes with Effective Braking Experience in form of ABS and Front Protection in form of Airbags - this can act as active and passive safety assist feature providing safety protection to passengers
Needless to mentioned - advanced safety - ESP, Traction Control, Hill Hold Assist, Side and Curtain Airbags if equipped aids in better handling and safety in case of side impact

c) Build Quality - A Heavy Weight Build does not mean that the car is safer than light Build
Had this been the case - all Old Gen cars of 1950s till 2000 would have considered the best safest cars been of heavy design - which otherwise not the case. Maruti is using all new HEARTECT platform which is all new Chassis platform to provide cars having rigid chassis design and due to light weight offer superior mileage and drive-ability

Baleno Scored 3 Star rating in Safety crash test. As per Crash Test rating - the passenger compartment of Baleno remained stable in the frontal offset test. Dummy readings indicated good protection of the knees and femurs of both the driver and passenger, it noted.

However - still wont comment that this Platform is the best in safety
Baleno Safety rating states "In the more severe side pole impact, dummy readings of lateral rib compression indicated weak chest protection and the head protection was downgraded to adequate as a result of the incorrect airbag deployment," it noted.

While for Competitor Honda Jazz - it states Even in the more severe side pole impact, protection was good for all critical parts of the body. The seats and head restraints provided good protection against whiplash in the event of a rear-end collision.

Overall - it can be presumed that Baleno has good structure build on all new design - but considering it as best would be wrong
Honda Jazz or for that matter VW Polo has better safety rating and are more strurdy cars

Hope should help !!

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ritesh Accepted Answer
Thank you sir.. Really appreciate your passion of gathering so much information for each query and responding in details .

How do you rate the ford aspire titanium as it was also in my list.To help you , i am already acquainted with the safety airbag.. ABS all these.

1.The only concern is whether to go for a FORD car at all instead of baleno delta 1.2 petrol.
2nd thing is Concern regarding Ford ASS, mileage , and most importantly resale value after 5-6 years . According to you what will be depreciation percentage of a Aspire and Baleno after 5-6 years if both are in good conditions .

Lastly which will be a better deal of these two
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Kumar Gaurav Accepted Answer
Maruti doesn't make safe cars
there is no doubt in that. Maruti has an advantage over others of being the first car manufactures in the country with a wide after sales service but if talk about quality and build strength no where maruti cars stand in front of competitors like VW, fiat

What admin has said that at speed such as 150 kmph no car can absorb that impact but at speeds such as 70-80 kmph also Maruti is torn apart..the frontal collison and side impact beans of Maruti is very weak. The reason Maruti is able to give good mileage is due to the fact that their cars are light.

Infact i20 and polo are much safer at speeds 70-80 kmph as they have rigid structures and have good impact absorbing beams. I have a maruti car but I can assure that my next car wouldn't be a maruti car, and most important we buy cars to travel with our families and drive and not to resale the car so I guess if we talk about security and resale for me security is utmost importance.
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Manideep Accepted Answer
Maruti has concentrated on millage and forget safety..This lead to a foolish idea called HEARTECT..Its just a reason for maruti and it actually is useless..They can decrease their manufacturing costs by decreaseing their quality and It results in increase of mileage this is a game played by Maruti Suzuki in the name of heartect platform and people above 50 years does not know much about cars and the Opt for Maruti because of trust on it and just these Maruti cars fail in crash test. Only the cars which are made in heartect platform are unsafe from Maruti they are Baleno , Swift ,Dzire and Ignis..well also the low end cars like Alto,Wagon R are unsafe due to their less price..But Brezza,S cross are safest cars in maruti..Also the S cross is imported from Hungary..
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