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  1. Karman
  2. CNG Kit, LPG Kit
  3. Monday, July 25 2016
Hi, I have an i10 3.5 yrs old and now expected run is around 1500 - 1800 kms per month.

I am planning to get CNG but most of the dealers are recommending sequential kit which is costing 35K-40K. I am not so keen to spend so much but if its required for the safety & performance / mileage than i can get the sequential one.

Please let me know if conventional CNG will be fine or I should go for the sequential one.

Note: Majorly car will be used by my wife.
Admin Accepted Answer

The key difference in between Sequential CNG Kits and Closed Loop CNG Kits (aka Conventional Kits) is the fuel Injection system which determined the performance

Performance Difference
There are separate fuel injectors created on engine block which through sensors passes on information to ECM to optimize the mix of Air and Gas Flow.

The resultant output is the best performance which can be achieved through this ideal air-gas mix

While in Conventional Kits - there are no separate injectors been created, but rather the air-gas flow mix is controlled through Specially designed Kits
> Lambda and Timing Advancer Kits along with
> CNG Reducer Supplier Kit -

which in no way can match in the gas flow mix as otherwise determined by the ECM Module of the car through separate injectors of Sequential Kit. Its been observed that Closed Loop kits needs more maintenance - as performance loss has to be optimized manually by controlling the settings. While in Sequential Kits - the performance is optimized through specially designed computer software for tuning in the air-gas flow mix

Safety Difference
There is always a probability of air gas overflow which may occur in Conventional Kit as it tends to be old or not maintenance not done on regular basis. If it happens - you will observe in high rpm and engine backfire issues

Its best to go in for Sequential Kits as the technology is compliant with all modern cars manufactured post 2010 in India for optimal performance and engine compatibility,

Hope should help !!

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  2. CNG Kit, LPG Kit
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Karman Accepted Answer
Thanks so much. It really helped.

One more question. I am getting Indian RTO approved kit installed from RTO approved center in 35k and an Italian kit from same center in 45k.

I am not keen in spending much. So should I go for the Indian kit ( it's coming with all warranties and RTO and everything) or should I opt for the non-indian only.

Please update


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  2. CNG Kit, LPG Kit
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Admin Accepted Answer
Pl let know the CNG Kit brand which you getting, cylinder size
Also does the costing mentioned includes RC Endorsement or is it additional ?

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  2. CNG Kit, LPG Kit
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