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  1. Shivam kesarwani
  2. Complaints, Objections
  3. Sunday, July 24 2016
Hi I have booked Tata Tiago XZ petrol car on 7th may in Delhi, dealers commitment for the car was of 24th may which was later extended to 31st may and then again for 15 days and then again dates were being extended then, finally after registering a complaint about the issue to Tata Motors customer care they assured me the delivery by 22nd July, which was again extended to 25th July but without alloys and giving me a waiver of 10,500Rs against it.
I have already paid Rs4,36,000 against the car on 20th may and have paid two installments also for the loan procured.
At this point if time I feel cheated as the cost of four alloys is Rs23000 and here I am getting only a waiver of 10.5k for 5 alloys also the interest against the loan which I am paying is also going and overall I am in a huge loss by buying Tata Tiago.
Please suggest any means so that I can pressurise the dealer to give me some additional discount which can compensate the losses and by any means if I can get interest against the amount paid. As per my knowledge dealer can not take the loan amount for the vehicle before delivery.
Admin Accepted Answer

Like for Banks - there is Banking Ombudsman or for Insurance - there is IRDA as apex body for complaints
Unfortunately - there is barely any apex body like what can be raised for complaint- which are apex bodies. SIAM though is available but may not directly get involve in consumer related individual cases

You may thus need to approach in Tata Motors customer care or Regional Office in Delhi and raise complaint
> You need to put in fact that Rs 4.3 Lakh loan was disbursed to dealer on 20th May, provided the commitment date was of 24th May.

> Banks also demand for Copy of RC Copy with due HP within ideally 60 days to maximum 90 days, so as to mark collateral against loan. However as the vehicle is not delivered

> In no way accept the vehicle without alloy wheels for mere 10K lesser price. Its like cost price and not the retail price as otherwise sold to customer. Mark it as breach of trust - which otherwise goes against Philosophy of Tata Motors - Integrity, Customer Focus, Excellence and Speed

You have a point in your favor of trust shown in Tata Motors, and trust Tata Motors is a highly reputed biggest brand of India
Dont just get the experience spoiled by unfriendly dealer or customer care approach.

If you are not getting response from Tata Motors Customer care, you may need to approach in Regional Business Manager for Delhi - North Zone or escalate to Chairman Cryus Mistry for the initial booking terms and seek vehicle with alloy wheels fitted in car or discount equivalent to the retail selling price along with even demanding compensation for delay

Tata Motors have there regional office for passenger cars in Gurgaon - (0124) 6470509 to 6470514
If required - may take appointment fo meet there respective manager to meet in 304, Tower A, Signature Towers, Gurgaon - as Tata Motors regional Office address in Delhi, NCR

Hope should help !!

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Shailesh Mhatre Accepted Answer
This is regarding your below mail that I have booked the Tata Tiago XZ
(Petrol) model from your dealer as authorised dealer for Tata vehicals
on 18th Apr by paying tokan amount of Rs.11000/- against your
commitement to give me the car delivery on 28th Apr.(Akshay Tritiya
muhurth) as per attached your invoice copy. In mean time i have
cleared the SBI bank loan proceture & disburse the loan amount of
Rs.499000/- on 25th Apr including my down payment amount for
Rs.68223/- & 9000/- & also paid the Extra warranty amt for Rs.6428/-
through RTGS to your bank account suggested by you. As per your
proforma invoice i have paid the full total amount for Rs.593651/- to
yout bank account as per my commitement to you.

As per your commitement for the car delivery on 28th Apr i have sell
my old car & also plan my office leave for 15 days in the month of May
to utilise the new car.
But when i come to your showroom on 28th Apr your executive (Ammar)
told me that your car delivery is postpone due status received as car
in Transit showing in our systems (the same reason given to me next 15

Currently due to your false commitment i am taking rented vehical for
my vacation leave purpose which beared me a lot cost & which is now
not economically suited to me. As after spending total amount as a
customer still not get the car delivery as per your promised date. As
now already 20 days passed but still the car delivery not yet received
or any positive delivery date is not given from your team.

Also i have lost oportunity to buy the same car from other dealers who
are commited me that you will received the delivey within 15/20 days
on the date of booking amount too.
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I had booked Tiago XT on 17th of Dec 2020 and told to get the delivery of car in the end of Jan by still today thereis no reply neither commitment of delivery date given from showroom. Complaint regarding the same is done to costumer care but same thing happened. No reply
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PRAKASH Accepted Answer
I booked a TATA TIAGO and bought myself lots of pain, first they make false commitment then they disappear without any reply. I regret for stepping into a TATA SHOWROOM
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Aditya Negi Accepted Answer
I booked tata tiago XT(O) model and dealer said car will be deliver within 15 -20 days .
But already 15 days are passed and dealer is saying that sir your car status is still showing pending

Very bad experience with TATA
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