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  1. Prakash
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  3. Sunday, February 24 2013

I need your feedback for my car purchase.

Location - Chennai

Budget : 4.5 to 5 lakhs

Monthly distance – 500 kms

Was alternating between Wagon R LXI, VXI and Chevrolet Beat LS, LT petrol models. Below is an on-road price comparison between KLN showroom, Kapico showroom and website of Khivraj :
KLN motors Kilpauk - Beat LS - 4.74 lac (after insurance disc of 16,660 + corp disc of 3000). Beat LT - 5.27 lac (after insurance disc of 18,280 + corp disc of 3000)

Kapico, Kilpauk - Wagon R LXI - 4.55 lac (disc of 15,000 + corp disc of 2000). Wagon R VXI - 4.8 lac (disc of 15,000 + corp disc of 2000)
website of Khivraj - Wagon R LXI - 4.54 lac (disc of 15,000 + corp disc of 3000). Wagon R VXI - 4.67 lac (disc of 15,000 + corp disc of 3000)

Saw from your Feb offers that Wagon R VXI has a consumer offer of Rs 20,000 – is this available in Chennai. What other offers could be possible from other dealers for both Beat and Wagon R.
I observed a price difference of 50,000 Rs between LS and LT Chevy models. Please advise what all could I fit into LXI model with 30,000 Rs (Can I fit a good music system with DVD and speakers. Not interested in rear door power windows).
Similarly for Wagon R, LXI is 14,000 to 24,000 lesser – will this be substantial for any additional fitments. Kapico has given a package of Rs 23,000 consisting of JVC D.Din music system, bumper corner protector, seat cover pu leather, remote lock, side beading, leather steering cover, rear spoiler, wheel cover, perfume, body graphics. Whats the scope of negotiation.
Plz do shed light on service perspective for both brands? Chevy has given an offer that cumulative 3 years service charge beyond 19,000 Rs would be refunded. Heard that Chevy services are costlier (near 5000) but limit within 19000 within 3 years. How are the service charges for Wagon R.
Your recommendation between the models and any other models to be considered? (apart from Figo, Alto, Estillo, i10,)

Admin Accepted Answer
Hello Prakash,

Greetings !!

Lets start backwards

Between Wagon R and Chevrolet Beat :-
Chevy Beat has advantage of -
> Engine Pick up - Beat comes with 1.2 Lit, 79 PS Power with 108 NM. Wagon R comes with 1 Lit, 67 PS Power with 101 NM Torque
The kerb weight of Beat is 965 Kg against 870 Kg of Wagon R. Been Wagon R lighter in weight by almost 10%, for speed till 60 Kmpl - there is not much difference in Engine pick up. However on higher speeds at 80 Kmpl + - you may observe Beat performing better than Wagon R

> Shoulder room : The Shoulder room is definitely better in Beat against Wagon R. If there are 4 passengers in cars - you may not see difference, but if its packed with 5 passengers, you will observe Beat having better shoulder room against Cramped Wagon R

> Interiors and Features : The Interiors in New Facelift Wagon R has improved a lot but Chevy Beat still has a margin ahead in Interiors. If you plan for Beat, then go with Beat LT instead of LS Model - the interiors are better with aesthetics in LT Model with metallic finish, gloss door, Automatic climate control, Defogger etc. However, if you plan for LS Model against Wagon R Lxi - then will take away this advantage from Beat and rather put in favor of Wagon R Lxi

Maruti Wagon R has advantage of -
> Lowest Maintenance - With economical spare parts with ease of availability, Wagon R definitely has proven in last 10 years as one of the lowest maintenance cars. Yes, relative to Chevrolet Wagon R service would be quiet cheaper in longer run especially if you intend to hold car for 6-7 years

> Excellent Fuel Economy - Wagon R has infact one of the best fuel economy. You can expect a city mileage of 16-16.5 Kmpl in Wagon r , which seems quiet unlikely in other cars. In Beat at best can achieve a city mileage of 14 - 14.5 Kmpl or if drive under speed limits at best 15 Kmpl

> Good Demand in Resale Market - Maruti Wagon R is like evergreen car. There is a ample demand with good resale value in second hand car market. To our estimates, the initial difference of 20,000 as price difference between Wagon R and Beat may not fetch you any difference at time of resale after 5 yrs.

Offers & Discounts
Well, the consumer offer as mentioned on site pertains to Delhi and most of the other cities
However, for Chennai - the consumer offer for month is Rs. 15,000 on Wagon R

On a car like Wagon R, where the dispatches are more, you can expect to negotiate further deals other than the regular discounts
Been budget due in for next month - the pressure is on to manufacture to liquidate the stock

Offers comprises of :- Consumer Offer for month + Corporate Discount + Exchange Offer + Above Cartel Cushion Discounts

Herein in case of Maruti Suzuki, to the best info we have - if you push a dealer manager, they maintain a cushion for prospective customers who have, you can get Rs. 3000 - Rs. 5000 discount in above cartel. You can push dealer to offer you Rs. 5000 or take up 3rd year warranty + Basic Kit complimentary + Gear Lock - which can be a real good deal.

Chevrolet Beat - The cushion margin amount is Rs. 6000. So, anything closer to this amount apart from Insurance and corporate discount can turn out to be a deal buster.

You may avoid :- Pu leather Seat Covers & body graphics
- PU Leather Seats are avoidable as the quality is not good and tends to heaten up in high temperatures. Also the charges at dealer end are very high. May go with high end Fabric Seat covers from a reputed Accessory store - Reliance Autozone - where can get same to even better quality at 25%-40% less price

- Body Graphics - They look cool initially but after couple of years - they look boring as per most of the user feedback

Good Set of Accessories
- Double Din Music Infotainment System - Go with Sony
- Gear Lock
- Remote Central Lock
- Parking Censors
- Bumper Corner Protector
- Leather Steering Cover, Wheel Cover, Perfume

However, if you keen on above accessories - why dont you go with Wagon R Vxi or Beat LT rather -
- Remote Central Lock - Yes
- Stylish Eagle Wings Music System with USB Support in Wagon R / Double Din Music System in Beat- Yes
- Body Side Moulding - Yes
- Fog Light - Yes
- Even, the tyres are 14 Inch in Vxi Model against 13 inch in Lxi. Additionally will have All 4 Door Power Window, Body Colored Door Handle and ORVM, Tilt Steering and Chrome Finish in Gear Knob

You may only have to spend upto Rs. 10K on Remote Central Lock, Gear Lock and Parking Censors. Plus - the manufacturer fitted accessories are anytime better than dealer fitted accessories

Alternate options other than Wagon R or Beat
Do let know your preference :-
- is it going to be a self driven car
- how many members will be in car at best at most of the times
- Are you looking for tall boy looks or low looks are also okay
- What will be your average monthly drive

Ofcourse, low maintenance would be the default criteria.

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Admin Accepted Answer

If I go for aftermarket accessories, will the warranty be affected. How to avoid this

As long as the 'electrical wires' and 'engine' been untouched, the warranty will remain intact.
I have asked the major component 'Seat cover', which can take from Accessories store - Reason
A- For Pricing benefit and with more variety and choice
B - It does not require any car wires or engine to be touched in as the warranty thus will remain unimpacted

Of accessories mentioned - - Double Din Music Infotainment System, Parking Censors, Remote Central Lock - requires work on wires, suggest to go with dealer as warranty can be void if the wires are wrongly cut which may damage ECM of the car

For accessories - Gear Lock. Bumper Corner Protector, Leather Steering Cover, Wheel Cover, Perfume - does not require to touch wires or engine... Can easily save upto Rs. 5000 if go from open market rather than Maruti Dealer

- I thought of retaining manual windows for the rear atleast. How safe are these w.r.t. security?

No impact from car security point of view to the best of our view. People take Power window as its easier to move up and down on touch of button, however the car security does not get impacted

Reliance Autozone does not operate in Chennai. Could you suggest some other – any indicative price lists?

Give me a days time for this, will research and update some quality Accessories store

Regarding alternate options: its self driven, 1 person:70% times, 4 persons: 30% time, average monthly drive: 500 kms.

I even looked at sedans near 6 lac like Indigo CS GVX (but not convinced about the power and service), SAIL UVA (maintenance concerns), Swift Dezire

I personally would have gone for Honda Brio SMT. Many upper hands
a) Responsive and Powerful V-Tec Engine giving best handling and drive
b) Almost fully loaded car
c) Best Interiors even surprisingly the space is also good to sit in with 4 tall passengers
d) Upmarket looks and best body design - the charm of looks of Brio is certainly ahead than Wagon R or Beat
e) One of the best mileage - can expect 15+ in city conditions

a) Low on Boot, but if you considering Wagon R - the boot space is similar to Wagon R
b) Honda Spares are slight expensive than Maruti - almost 20%

We have also written couple of comparisons - may pl take a look
Honda Brio SMT

Brio Vs Beat
Brio Vs Swift

It can give you a glimpse of Honda brio as a choice
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hello Prakash,

Greetings !! 'General Patters' road is the biggest upmarket for Automotive Accessories in Chennai
Whatever info we got
- Privelege Moto Mall
- Kumar Auto Accessories are renowned accessories shops in General Patter road

Why dont you visit this Patters market, its considered the car hub of the entire state. By sure you will see multiple choices and at best prices.
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Prakash Accepted Answer
Thanks all for the inputs. I'll visit and update you guys in a few weeks time
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