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  3. Friday, December 11 2015
Hello everyone, I need a series help from you guys.
My Ford Figo DIESEL 2014 Model

Before two days it is good in condition, while I m trying to start today , it is not starting and showing following indicators in in its dashboard.

1. Malfunction indicator
2. Battery indicator
3. Oil indicator

What might be the problem and what i have to do before calling ford service
Admin Accepted Answer

Do note that when multiple warning lights are on - it may indicate a serious issue in the car related to Mechanical / ECU / Sensors etc and is best to be diagnosed using Diagnostic Tools at Ford Workshop.

Some of the common reasons for Malfunctioning of these Lights individually are referred below - which may help you troubleshooting the issue - if its not a serious one.

Malfunction Indicator
Hope the Check Engine Light is not blinking and rather steady.
If its blinking - the cause can be any reason and workshop would be best to advise.
If its steady in that case -
a) Check for Fuel Cap - is it Tightly been closed or is loose to be opened. After closing it Tightly check again the Engine Light
b) Clogged Air Filter and Dirty Spark Plug - can cause the issue - is periodic servicing done on time ?
c) Faulty O2 Sensor or EGR Valve Issue to Expensive Converter Issue in that case

Ford Dealer using its diagnostic tools can identify the issue - in most common cases

For Engine Oil Indicator Light
If Oil Light is turned on - do not drive the car and neither turn the ignition on :-
Check Dipstick to check Engine Oil Levels -
> If Engine Oil is low - it may indicate a Leakage in Gasket / Seal and can be done easily by the service center. Look for any oil droplets under the car - there could be Oil
> if Engine Oil is well within range - it implies Low Oil Pressure - which may happen due to Wear & Tear of Piston / Rings - but it generally happens in very old cars or cars where due care is not taken up by skipping periodic servicing and rash driving

Battery Indicator Light
It indicates low charging and commonly happens when
> Battery connections either gets loose or Battery is Out of Life
> Corrosion in Battery Cables or Bad Alternator
> Battery is Out of Life

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Nithy Accepted Answer
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