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Kia Seltos Prices Increased. Revised Price List in January 2020

Kia Seltos Prices Increased. Revised Price List in January 2020

Kia Seltos Prices Increased from Rs 30,000 Onwards in January 2020. Revised On Road Price List of Kia Seltos with Road Tax, Insurance in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh


Kia Seltos Prices in 2020

After Record Breaking Success with over 1 Lakh Kia Seltos Cars Booked in less than 5 Months with close to 45,000 Deliveries is what Kia Motors Increased Prices of Seltos in January 2020

The Price Hike done is Minimum Rs 20,000 Onwards on Kia Seltos Cars with Base Petrol Model getting .

  • Rs 20,000 Price Hike - Seltos HTE Petrol
  • Rs 30,000 Price Hike - Seltos Other Petrol Models including GT Line Petrol
  • Rs 35,000 Price Hike - Seltos Diesel Models

However, some Variants

  • Seltos HTE Diesel
  • Seltos HTK Petrol

turned lot more Expensive in January 2020 due to these Models crossing 10 Lakh Slab which changed applicable Road Tax Slab in most of the cities making On Road Price higher to extent of Rs 70,000.

With this the On Road Prices of Seltos Ranges from Rs 11 Lakh to Rs 20 Lakh On Road. Do note that Ex-Showroom Prices Remains Same across all Cities of India


Kia Seltos Price List in Delhi

Kia Seltos Updated Prices List for Delhi, NCR Zone in 2020

Kia Seltos Price List in Delhi



Below are Revised On Road Prices of Kia Seltos in Uttar Pradesh

Kia Seltos Price List in 2020



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