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Dollar to Rupee Movement. Exchange Trend Chart in India

Dollar to Rupee Movement. Exchange Trend Chart in India

With Rupee depreciating at its lowest levels against Dollar in 2013 in India. Know Historical Trend Chart of Dollar against Rupee in India in last 10 years


History of Rupee in India

Do you know that Rupee when introduced in India in 15th century was a silver coin which weighed 11 gms approx. However, during British rule the rupee was further broken into 16 Anna, where 4 Anna represents quarter of rupee

However, from 1955 to 1957 a coinage act came into force which breaked Rupee into 100 Paise and demolished the Anna concept

With changing economy, comes the value of rupee basis International Imports, exports ... With opening up of Indian Economy in 1990

1 US $ = 18 Rs. in 1990 ... However, came the economic crisis in 1991 when foreign exchange reserves were almost dried up and Rupee fell down by 40% in a year to Rs. 25 in 1991 and continues to fall year on year to breach levels of Rs. 45 in year 2000

However, between 2000 - 2010 - devaluation in rupee was stabilized. Below is trend of Exchange rate of Rupee against Dollar

Year Rupee against Dollar
2000 46.8
2001 47.9
2002 48.2
2003 45.6
2004 44
2005 46.1
2006 44.5
2007 39.3
2008 49.8
2009 46.2
2010 45.1

The Indian Economy was at its peak in 2007 when sensex breached 20,000 mark. However, in 2008 came in recession and influx of foreign inflow was converted into FII taking there money out and almost 25% drop in Rupee value has seen in one single year


Trend of Rupee in Last 3 yrs

2011 witnessed Rupee breaching an all time low and since November 2011 - Rupee is well above mark of 50 INR against 1 Dollar, in 2012 it has further made low of 55 INR against 1 Dollar

Present levels of Rupee has hit a low of Rs. 56.35 in May 2013.... Analysts and Industry Estimates says that Rupee can see level of Rs. 60 before general Elections of 2014 in India


Why is Weakening Rupee Impact Us

India has biggest import of Crude Oil and a weakening rupee against Dollar enhances the fuel prices, which in turn impacts the Indian economy to rising fuel prices leading to increased transportation cost, increase in whole sale price of vegetable and commodities and leading to Inflation and disparity of gap

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