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MG Hector Hybrid or Diesel or Regular 1.5 Petrol. Pros & Cons

MG Hector Hybrid or Diesel or Regular 1.5 Petrol. Pros & Cons

Considering MG Hector and confused on Difference in Hybrid against regular Petrol or Diesel Engine. Know about MG Hector Hybrid Pros and Cons


MG Hector Hybrid Pros and Cons

Considering MG Hector and confused on what this Hybrid is all about. Is it

  • Superior against Regular 1.5 Petrol without Hybrid
  • Or can be considered a choice against the Diesel Model

Ofcourse, when you spending in over 15 Lakh for a SUV - you wont mind spending more for extra Value. But what exactly is this Hybrid System all about and is it useful


Difference in MG Hector Hybrid and Regular 1.5 Petrol

Well as you would have checked that both 1.5 Petrol and Hybrid comes with same 1.5 Litre Turbo Charged Petrol Engine in 143 PS Power and 250 NM Torque, still essentially are some major differences

What essentially is the Hybrid Edition. You get 48 Volt Lithium Ion Battery which MG Motor claim to

  • Has additional ISG Generator, where in the car when stopped at red light will have auto cut off in fuel supply and when have clutch pressed (in Manual) or Brake Pressed (in Automatic) will engine come in Play. This will help in improving fuel efficiency by 12% from ARAI Mileage of 14.16 Kmpl (in regular Petrol) to 15.81 Kmpl in Hybrid Edition and Reduce CO2 emission by 11 percent

  • When you want to speed up then you will experience that this 48 Volt Battery comes in play to provide additional torque of 20 NM for even superior pulling experience
  • Comes with Regenerative braking, where although no difference in braking distance as such but been energy used in stopping car is stored to recharge the hybrid battery but expect regenerative braking to be making lesser impact on wear and tear items of car braking system
  • Also, where regular 1.5 Petrol Engine is available in Manual Transmission only, this 1.5 Hybrid  is also available in DCT Automatic Transmission too


MG Hector Hybrid or Diesel Model

Well here are some Pointers where Hector Diesel turns out to be better value against the Hybrid Model

  • Do note that the Battery comes with just 1 year warranty. Although costs are not available but this second battery underneath the co-passenger seat is definite expensive one.
  • If you consider Top End Fully Loaded Sharp Model, in that case you will miss the 4 Way Power Adjustable Co-Passenger Seat in Hybrid Edition due to battery tucked underneath the seat, which is otherwise available in Diesel Version as Feature
  • No Second thoughts on the fact that it’s the Diesel Model with 170 PS Power which unleashes in the real potential of the SUV. Although Hybrid is silent and good NVH response but for those who love power performance will certainly wont mind spending in 1 to 1.25 Lakh for Diesel Model with a much-improvised Pickup

But if you are considering Automatic then MG Hector DCT Automatic is only available in Petrol


Net all Conclusion MG Hector Hybrid

Objective is to know what all Pros and Cons before you make your purchase decision. If you with MG Hector Hybrid then

  • Reduced Co2
  • Relative Better Mileage against Petrol
  • Marginal Torque Assist when you want a Surged Power Performance

However, Flip Side

  • Fun to drive in Diesel Hector is a lot superior due to bigger Engine with lot more Power and Torquey Performance
  • Running Cost of Hector Diesel would still be lower against Petrol
  • Second Battery warranty is just 1 year and costs are in unknown zone

Hope this will help you in consideration of Hybrid Difference as against 1.5 Petrol and 2.0 Diesel Model

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