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Kia Seltos IVT Automatic Ownership Review. Seltos Petrol Auto Gear Box Feedback from Owners

Kia Seltos IVT Automatic Ownership Review. Seltos Petrol Auto Gear Box Feedback from Owners

Kia Seltos IVT Petrol Automatic Review from Owners. Review what Owner feel about Seltos IVT for Pickup, Mileage, Handling with Pros - Cons Explained


Kia Seltos IVT Automatic

Kia Seltos is what breaking the Sales Charts in Mid SUV Segment and for those buyer who considering

  • Kia Seltos IVT Automatic
  • Confused on Seltos IVT Petrol and DCT Automatic

this is what Present Owners of Seltos IVT Automatic feels about the Car as there brief Review


Akshay Rana: From an owner who already had Power Packed Chevy Cruze in Recent Past 

  • Seltos 1.5 IVT combo is for laid back drivers, it's slow to accelerate initially but once rpm past in 1500 rpm, then its quite satisfactory for an auto gearbox. The rubber band effect of CVT Automatic transmission is minimal and car overtaking abilities are good
  • Fuel economy is excellent for such a vehicle, got 13.78 kmpl on first tankful in NCR region with some jam packed road and some open roads (50:50), MID shows 15
  • Infotainment system hanged 1-2 times but it restarted quickly, 
  • Boot has little less depth,they could have easily made it more.

Overall recommendation of Seltos IVT: 8.5 out of 10


Kia Seltos IVT Automatc Comments from Owners (4 Owner Perspective)

Owner Feedback on Seltos IVT: For those confused whether any difference in CVT Transmission as used by other manufacturers and IVT as used by Kia. Well they are same and gearbox is linear and smooth. Seltos however as advanatge of even BS6 Compliance which other cars do not have in present scenario.

If you are not looking for punchy feel, while flooring on the pedal then 1.5 petrol with Ivt is good option. in my personal opinion only thing i dont like is the beige seats which are hard to maintain and lack of safety features which should have been thereon atleast as optional pack for the engine option.


Another Owner Feedback: This car is fantastic and very comfortable for City driving. Mileage as getting is around 12.5 Kmpl which is reasonable satisfactory in day to day drive city conditions

If you are someone who want explosive performance look out for DCT or Diesel Model, rest there are no complaints for sheer convenience in day to day city drive and yes mind you the final mileage figures of IVT would definite be better against DCT Automatic. 


Another Owner Feedback of Seltos IVT (Pradeep Sagar):  I have ivt and drove around 700 kms in last 15 days. I am enjoying this car ,I just feel that power is a bit less but sufficient. I am using this daily for my city commute and getting around 10kmpl from tankful method which is sufficient in delhi and with my way of driving


Another Owner Feedback of Seltos IVT: This is the only automatic transmission option which doesn't have any performance issues even in very busy traffic where there are some posts on DCT heatup, so you can well drive in bumper to bumper traffic at absolute ease.


Confused in Seltos IVT and DCT Automatic

Here is feedback from Some Owners who have driven Seltos DCT and IVT Automatic

  • DCT is for the highway hunks who bet themselves on speed while IVT is for the city dwellers who love to drive even on busy traffic. Choice is as per your need.
  • If you drive DCT and then IVT you will find that DCT is the best. Having said that IVT is also pretty good ofcourse few additional seconds of lag added as compared to DCT. But not like a huge difference and IVT is also good if you are interested. 


Expert Comments on Kia Seltos IVT Petrol Automatic

  • The car is refined with class leading NVH Levels. Light Steering, good visibility, Handling along with an ideal for those who love relaxed, comfy ride. Been IVT - the fuel efficiency yes is better (on real world city drive - 12 Kmpl is definite possible) and owners who would be driving more than 80% of time in city conditions should be happier with Seltos IVT
  • Yes is not as punchy as what Seltos DCT but for occasional fun to drive factor can slot gear in Sports mode and use 8 Speed Paddle Shift. Yes Seltos comes in 8 Forward Gear in Sports Mode to have fun experience

Important to have expectation correct that in 1.5 Litre Petrol Engine - car pickup is linear and you driving a Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine. Its no Turbo which is there in Diesel or GDI Turbo which feels lot more agile. 

You going to love features, styling with LED Light setup and yes from safety front car comes with ABS, EBD, Dual Airbags, All 4 Disc Brakes, Tyre Pressure Monitoring

What it shockingly misses on

  • is a feel of buyers where advanced safety of Side and Curtain Airbags, Heads up Display, ESP is what a miss 
  • Also lacks aspiration feature of Electric Sunroof, Bose Music System and Heads up Display

For a consumer who is spending in close to 16 Lakh On road in Delhi for Seltos IVT may not mind spending a Lakh more with additional safety and convenience feature. Atleast a further top of line Model could well have been introduced. We truely feel that Kia should have offered Seltos IVT in another higher up Variant with these features to give a choice to consumers to choose the model Variant, rather than not offering these features

End recommendation on Seltos IVT Petrol Automatic: Highly recommended for those who love features, styling and drive in relaxed way, for end fuel efficiency figures to be relatively better against Turbo GDI Automatic

But care for Extra Safety Specs, Care for Aspiration of Sunroof, Care for that Extra Pep - then yes is Seltos DCT Tubro GDI is there and spend in couple of Lakh more to upgrade to Seltos GT Line Automatic

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