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MG Hector DCT Automatic Ownership Review. Pros, Cons Explained

MG Hector DCT Automatic Ownership Review. Pros, Cons Explained

MG Hector DCT Automatic Review from Owner Perspective. Know Mileage, Pickup, Drive, Handling, Transmission Lag along with Pros and Cons of MG Hector DCT Automatic


MG Hector DCT Automatic Ownership Review

First Owner Review on MG Hector DCT Automatic: Shabaaz Hassan after driving 700 Kms

  • The drive comfort is simply the best in class and provides the most spacious and premium feel for the back seat rows.
  • Fuel efficiency is around 7-9 in city and 11-13 on highway. (Can get better after the first service hopefully)
    But personally when compared to Jeep Compass DCT which on the go gives out 5-7 kmpl, Hector does the better job pushing the 1600 kgs vehicle.
  • MG Hector Infotainment system was given an update which has improved the lag to a whole different level. And the touch has gotten all smooth 
  • The camera quality is still the same, not upto the mark
  • MG voice commands are really helpful and can get used to it in no time, its like turning addictive to Voice Command
  • The boot capacity is unimaginably huge, we tried fitting in around 7 extra large bags.
  • The transmission lag is hardly noticeable. Its just a fraction of a second if driven in a softer manner.
  • If you’re going to floor the peddle, it’s evident that the lag is noticeable and there’s a sharp fall in the fuel economy.

Conclusion: Definitely happy with the MG.


Second Owner Review on MG Hector DCT Automatic: Apar Bansal after driving MG Hector DCT for Long trip of 1450 Kms

My first long drive with my MG Hector Sharp DCT Automatic on Long Trip from Chennai to Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg, Hassan and back to Chennai with driven in all terrain conditions - Highways, Hilly Terrain, Semi Urban Roads and City Traffic with Hector been fully loaded with all 5 Passengers and Boot Space fully loaded with luggage 

  • Overall Fuel Efficiency of 8.5 kmpl, with highest Mileage of 12 kmpl in 6 lane highway and also got dismal low mileage of 6 kmpl in hilly terrain
  • Superb comfort with no tiredness even with 650 kms in one day. 
    - AC fully effective
    - Lots of luggage space
    - Ergonomically very efficient
    - In terms of Pickup of Hector DCT Automatic sometimes lags on highways and hills specially if you have to brake hard and accelerate.
    - Climbing on steep kutcha roads was awesome with no effort
    - Auto Hill Assist is very helpful and effective
    - Apple Car Play makes your drive entertaining and navigation a lot easier
    - Best mileage at 100 kmph on 6 lane highway
    - Automatic Headlights and Wipers are very helpful specially in changing weather
  • I gave my MG Hector DCT for 1st Service yesterday and the feedback is as follows. The dealership welcomed me quite nicely and the Service Person was very friendly. He took care of me and noted all the feedback. As soon as I moved out of the dealership, got an SMS from MG about delivery time. The dealership was very punctual in delivering on time and even dropped the vehicle at my office. I had a small complaint of sunglass holder being loose and they just replaced it without any questions asked. The pickup of the vehicle has improved.

Overall it’s a good car for long drives with enormous space and superb comfort. Pickup could be a little better and Rear Seat Entertainment option if provided will add to kids pleasure.. 

Areas of Improvement where MG could do better: The workshops need to be mapped in TomTom. Only Sales Outlets are mapped for Chennai. Also, it would be good if they have it in Google Maps, its easier to find that ways

Update by Owner after driving MG Hector DCT Automatic over 5500 Kms  

If I have to rate the top 3 things of MG Hector DCT Sharp Automatic, they will be Comfort, Space and Features (Touchscreen Controls, Internet, Panaromic Sunroof, Cruise Control). Besides this, some of the things worth mentioning are Reclining Rear Seat, One Touch Boot Closing, Simple Parking Brakes and Auto Hill Hold, Apple CarPlay integration has really compounded the awesome experience. 

The car runs smoothly on highways with full grip and overtaking can be fun. In city traffic, it’s a real saviour from frequent gear shifts which tires me a lot. The pickup (stop-start) could have been better. Although Slow - High speed pickup is good
The headlights are oddly placed but give good view in total darkness and do not give glare to the front car. But in semi lighted areas, the headlamps are not much useful.

Small teething issues are there and frequent but are well taken care by the Dealership service. But Question is why they should come?

The accessories are a real disaster. The quality is bad and availability worse.

And last but not the least, the fuel efficiency is 6-7 kmpl in city and 10-11 kmpl on highways. Although it lot depends on traffic, driving habit, AC and terrain. In a nutshell, if you are ready to pay a little extra for your comfort, go for the DCT version. Overall a 4.5/5 for MG Hector DCT Sharp.


Queries Answered on MG Hector DCT Automatic

Q. What is the Mileage of MG Hector DCT Automatic Petrol ?

A. Although ARAI Mileage can be higher, but as shared by Owners MG Hector Mileage in City Condition can be 7 to 8 Kmpl, while on highway can be around 10 to 11 Kmpl which should be what reasonable expectation

Q. Is MG Hector Reliable ?

A. Yes to feedback shared by most of owners, expect some small issues like Camera clarity, some small teething issues the car is reliable and offered with 5 Year Warranty

Q. What Owners love the most about MG Hector ?

A. Unmatched Cabin Space with Comfort Oriented Seats, Large Panaromic Sunroof, Voice Commands, Feel of Large Big Car, Good Suspension Dynamics is what Owner Pride about MG Hector

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Guest - Gaurav Khanna on Saturday, 16 November 2019 09:11

I have just booked a 1.4 petrol DCT Seltos , worried about the performance & its ability to really drive in Number to Bumper traffic .. can anyone guide me ?

I have just booked a 1.4 petrol DCT Seltos , worried about the performance & its ability to really drive in Number to Bumper traffic .. can anyone guide me ?
Monday, 19 April 2021

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