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Heavy Smog in Delhi, NCR. Doctor Tips for Safety Protection in Pollution

Heavy Smog in Delhi, NCR. Doctor Tips for Safety Protection in Pollution

Thick Smog with Heavy Pollution is impacting life of People in Delhi and NCR Zone. Know what People of Delhi feels about this Pollution with things to Avoid


Heavy Smog in Delhi, NCR. Its Emergency like Situation due to Heavy Pollution in Delhi

Due to Severe Pollution with Heavy Smog in Delhi and NCR with visibility less than 300 Meter its Emergency like situation in Delhi, NCR and most parts of North India

Air quality is deteriorating with AQI PM 2.5 index over level of 400 in most of the areas in Delhi and NCR Zone noted. Post Diwali is the worst day with smog from stubble burning now took over entire city

A Lady tweeted to her husband - Delhi is not the City to live in thick & heavy smog & chaotic traffic-and Sports cannot prosper in such weather conditions. People are writing - Not sure if it’s the Sun or the Moon. But Delhi smog has the power to dim either. Know Cleanest Cities of India

Another User wrote just came to Delhi after Diwali. The picture looks straight out of some dystopia. It's smog everywhere and one can hardly breathe and as I m typing this my eyes are burning. It's scary and horrible at the same time and share Picture of Smog at Delhi Airport at 5:30 pm. 

Another user reported - What are we really Breathing ? ArvindKejriwal , please take a call for schools, they should not be running in situation like this

Below is AQI Index data of several regions of North India

  • Delhi 410
  • Hapur - 480
  • Greater Noida- 473
  • Kaithal - 463
  • Meerut- 459
  • Noida - 452
  • Panipat - 440

Not only Delhi, but NCR Region is dense choke with heavy Smog,  Look at Smog hit Delhi Evening and needless to mention its effects


People are witnessing Headache and quoting Delhi NCR, the uninhabitable city with unbreathable air. Although Odd-Even scheme to be rolled from 4th November Onwards, but that would be less of respite as Stubble burning is what causing this alarming situation in Delhi, NCR Zone

Even at Personal Level - my kid having bad cough since afternoon. Irritation in eye experienced while going out. 


What Doctor Suggest to Protect yourself from Heavy Smog in Delhi, NCR

  • Even if you feel cold, dont reduce water Intake, Take Lukewarm Water at regular Interval with Fresh Fruits
  • Avoid Early Morning Walks. Yes - avoid it as Pollution Level is highest as per expert panel advisory committee
  • Avoid Outdoor Sport Activities, Outdoor Physical Activities till the time Smog Subsides
  • If you still have to go Outdoor or Walk the do wear approved N95/99 Mask


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