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Renault Triber Ownership Review. Negatives, Positives of Triber Explained

Renault Triber Ownership Review. Negatives, Positives of Triber Explained

Renault Triber Ownership Review in Real Life basis Long Distance Travel, City Drive, Space for 7 People, Engine Noise and Vibration with Performance Explained


Renault Triber Owner Review

By Bipin: 

Here is Experience of Renault Triber on first Highway Run with 5 people on board.

  • Took my Triber on its first highway run from Bangalore-Coorg via Mysore. The initial ride to cross the city limits took us some time. Could occasionally use the 4th gear. Once we reached the highway, things started getting better.
  • I could let it stretch its legs. Finally once I was able to hit the 5th gear, things turned out a lot better. The ride was absolutely smooth and there was hardly any noise. I was surprised that this was a 3 cylinder engine. It was as refined as driving a normal 4 cylinder engine with NVH levels barely being felt.
  • As this was a new vehicle, I never crossed speed limit of 80 kmph. This was advised by the showroom guys as well and is usually the best procedure to be followed until the first service is done.
  • Midway through the journey, I reached Mysore. I achieved a mileage of 18.2 kmpl. Further as we continued the journey to Coorg which is a hill station and we had to travel through a ghat section with winding roads, the mileage dropped to 16.2 kmpl (with intermittent use of AC)
  • On the return journey, I was able to clock a similar mileage of 16 kmpl again with intermittent use of AC.

Coming to the negatives of Renault Triber

  • I did feel a slight drop in power at times when I needed it most but this could be because I was trying to maintain a speed of 80 kmph and hence had to down shift a gear to get the required speed to move on.
  • Also I felt the second gear to be an issue few times wherein if I had to downgrade from 5th or 4th gear to the 2nd, there would be sudden drop in power and a slight jerk in the vehicle due to the same, which probably I did not feel in my earlier 4 cylinder vehicles. Probably it could improve after the first service or might be more due to the extra free play of the clutch. Only time will tell.
  • For City drive yes Steering feels very Light which is good but at higher speeds, I felt the steering should have weighed more. It was probably too smooth for highway drive but I think Renault did this on purpose to assist in city driving conditions. Couple of hairpin bends was tough to control at high speeds with the steering being on the smoother side. 


Other Owner Feedback on Renault Triber

1 Litre Engine Noise and Vibration LevelRenault Triber comes with 1 Litre Engine in 3 Cylinder. There are Mild Vibrations  First gear vibrations and engine noise are typical of the 3 cylinder engine. It is its character and not an issue. Experienced it on test drive car as well. It would be unfair to say that there is no vibration at all. 

Can 1 Litre Engine can take 7 People on Board: The power is sufficient to carry 7 people but not too powerful. If you compare 1 Litre Engine of Triber with 1.5 Litre Engine as available in Ertiga or Diesel Engine of Innova then its too much a comparison. Check the Pricing part of Triber before comparison. You have to rev up quite often when you climb up the slope or hills. But I wouldn't say it is too weak or unable to carry 7 people, it also depends on how we use the accelerator to give more power. Good enough for city commute and occasional long trip.

AC Performance: Strong Point for Renault Triber with Individual AC Vents on both 2nd and 3rd Row makes it good to go. AC Cooling was quick and effective

Space with all 7 People on Board: As Triber comes with flexibility of Sliding 2nd Row -  you can customize seating space but 3rd row due to limited under-thigh support is best for average size adults or Kids. If you are well build then 1st or 2nd Row is what can seat in. Look at legroom on 3rd row

With all 3 Rows up yes very less boot Space left, but one can add up Carrier on Roof Rails and Triber comes with Functional Roof Rail which has capacity of carrying 50 Kg load on it with Carrier.

Expectation with Renault Triber: If u are looking for pickup and thrust with Ac then don't buy. Only if are looking for a car with space loaded with features, a decent and smooth drive at a budget then go for it. I had 1.2 Litre Maruti Eeco van before it and after that this vehicle is a breeze. I am enjoying the ride of Triber

You get 4 Airbag Safety, High Ground Clearance, able to well drive with 7 People on board, Multi Media Touchscreen AVN, Good Looks, Features List and I am Business man so more useful triber to me with Value Buy Appeal Factor

If you want more details on Renault Triber Maintenance, check Renault Triber Service Cost


Renault Triber Mileage and Safety 

Is Mileage Low or High: Some Owners have Mixed opinion of Low Mileage and some are happy with good Mileage. Only when the car driven for few thousand Kms can the mileage be best determined. However, do note that if Triber driven with 7 People on board at most of times then Mileage bound to get lower due to additional Weight

Safety: As Claimed by Renault its compatible with AIS98 Offset Frontal Crash at 56 Kmph speed and AIS 99 Side Crash at 50 Kmph speed. Also available with 4 Airbags in Top Model with Seat Belt Pretensioner and ABS. At the price point Triber is offered am happy with the Safety Features in car.


Expert Feedback on Renault Triber

Engine Performance: Triber is powered with 1 Litre, 3 cylinder Engine with 72 PS Power and 96 NM Torque
If you ask me Triber engine in one word - well will call it 'Mediocre'

Yes you can drive with even 7 people on board, some people will claim to

> Move on to hills with 7 people on board
> Move on with higher speed


> How about Pickup
> How about Engine Vibration
> How about Engine Noise at higher speed

For day to day drive within city usage - its okay and to move with family of 6 to 7 people can move on
But - somehow what you pay is what you get. There is no other 7 seater except Maruti Eeco,

If your maximum Usage going to be 5 Seater and you seek 3rd Row Seat less than 5% of times, then same engine when put in comparison to 1.2 Litre Engine as what used in 5 Seater Cars

> Baleno
> Tata Altroz


3 cylinder
> Volkswagen Polo
> Ford Figo

these engines feels lot more refined in NVH and yes with superior pickup too. Hence calls it a medicore engine,


Suspension, Handling: Somehow yes Steering is light and feels good to hold
Light in city and gains weight on highway. Suspension always remained strength of Renault Cars and overall suspension and handling dynamics of Renault Triber has an edge in

Seating: As referred its a 5+2 seater car where 7 people can go on
2nd Row Seats can be slide ahead but 3rd row due to limited under-thigh support is best for average size adults or Kids. If you are well build then 1st or 2nd Row is what can seat in


Also, look at boot space with all 3 Rows up


Essentially with 6 people on board if person sitting on 3rd row is child then can split in 3rd row with 50:50 and can get a better boot space. Overall - there are many options of flexibility


Renault Triber Positives
> Low Service
> Good Tuned Suspension
> Good Handling
> Flexibility in Seating Space
> Good Features List

> Engine - Pickup, NVH
> Safety Factor
> Still limited 3rd row under-thigh support
of car has a question to it

Yes at the price point at which Renault Triber is available you only get Datsun Go Plus and somehow sales of Go Plus is very average. So if budget is limited then Renault Triber is the default choice

But Value buy ? Basis Engine - Safety and Limited under-thigh support - i wont call it Value buy

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