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Kia Carnival ? Uff is Gimmick against Toyota Innova Crysta

Kia Carnival ? Uff is Gimmick against Toyota Innova Crysta

Kia Carnival MPV pitched against Toyota Innova Crysta in 7 Seater. Compare Best basis Price, Features, Space, Reliability, Engine Performance, Styling in India 


7 Seater MPV - Kia Carnival or Toyota Innova Crysta in 2020

Toyota Innova was launched way back in 2006 and is what considered as benchmark in 7 Seater MPV Segment due to Class leading space

  • Class Leading Spacious Cabin, Comfortable 3rd row
  • Reliability, Low Maintenance with Niggle Free Ownership
  • Excellent Resale Value with Ready Buyers even for 1 Lakh or 2 Lakh Kms Driven Innova

What it Possibly Missed on is 

  • Slight Average Performing Automatic Transmission. Not as Fun as otherwise what Manual Transmission Car is
  • High End Aspiration yet Gimmick Features like Sunroof
  • Infotainment is Good but Crystal Clear HiFi Sound System
  • Some New Age Features like - Rear Seat Touchscreen, Ventilated Seats, Wireless Phone Charges, Air Purifier, Multiple Zone Climate Control

These Misses gave an opportunity for Competition to enter in 7 Seater MPV Segment through these Aspiration Features, 8 Speed Automatic Transmission and when Packaged in even more Space led to birth of Kia Carnival MPV in 2020.  


But - big Question is Can Kia Carnival can beat Innova Crysta or is Kia Carnival a good Alternative against Toyota Innova Crysta in 2020 ??


Kia Carnival Edge over Toyota Innova Crysta

1. Space: Kia Carnival is good 380 mm longer, 155 mm Wider giving better shoulder room and has much longer wheelbase of 310 mm. Although in height is 55 mm shorter which can rather give Carnival a better aero-dynamics. Boot Space is almost 3 times as that found in Crysta. At the First Glance, your heart says to go with Kia Carnival as bigger, longer and more Spacious Car with a feel of Luxury coming to your heart.

Expect the space and comfort of seating in all 3 rows to be unmatched with Kia Carnival to emerge as new benchmark in space in 7 Seater MPV Vehicle Segment

Look at the specification difference

  Toyota Innova Crysta Kia Carnival
Length 4735 mm 5115 mm
Width 1830 mm 1985 mm
Height 1795 mm 1740 mm
Wheelbase 2750 mm 3060 mm
Boot Space with all 3 Rows up 300 Litre 900 Litre estimated


2. Power Performance: A Bigger car needs more Power and Kia Carnival to emerge as one with even higher Power and Torque on disposal. Adding on is that Toyota Innova Crysta Automatic feels slight average, its Kia Carnival in 8 Speed Sportsmatic Automatic Transmission going to bring Smile on your Face for Power Delivery

  Toyota Innova Crysta Kia Carnival
Engine 2.4 Lit  2.2 Litre
Power 150 PS 202 PS
Torque 343 NM 440 NM
Transmission 5 Speed MT, 6 Speed AT 8 Speed Automatic

Kia Carnival MPV 2020 


3. Aspiration: To get Electric Sliding Doors, Dual Pane Sunroof, VIP Seats on top end Limousine Model, Ventilated Seats, even bigger 10.25 Inch Touchscreen with Uvo connect which feels more advanced, Air Purifier and yes more Plush Upmarket Cabin. You may just be buoyed down by the features list


But - hang on, thats all and now is turn of Toyota Innova Crysta

Toyota Innova Crysta Edge over Kia Carnival

Despite of been more Space, Powerful Engine and advanced Features still it would be a whole lot difficult to displace Toyota Innova Crysta from top slot. Reasons

1. Unmatched Reliability:  Toyota Innova Crysta enjoys unmatched Reliability with close to 14 years legacy in Indian Market and enjoys top slot for Niggle free Ownership and QDR - Quality, Durability and Reliability. Not only India but across the globe Toyota - Japanese Brand for top notch Precision, Uncompromised Quality 

Considering problems faced by Kia Customers in Seltos where Social Media flooded with complaints and not only in India but across the globe, it would be almost incomparable to match Toyota Standards

Refer - Kia Seltos Problems

Toyota Innova Crysta

2. Excellent Demand in Second Hand Car Market: Very High Resale Value of Innova Crysta. You simply cant go wrong with Innova Brand and Resale consideration. There is a saying that ''If they keep coming back to you, it isn't love. It is because you made yourself'.

If you list an Innova Crysta / Innova on sale then everyday can have customers line up for buying Car and unmatched Resale Value. It cant be matched by a 6 month Old Company

Toyota Innova Ctysta Interior

3. Price Point: Toyota Innova Crysta may yes lacks those Gimmick Features of Sunroof or Rear Seat Entertainment (talk to any S class or 7 Series owner - how many times do they watch screen in moving Car, you may just be astonished to hear less than 5%), but is what a Package of Space, Safety, Features, Reliability, Ownership Experience and the price point at which Innova Crysta BS6 Zx Diesel would be what close to Starting Price of upcoming Kia Carnival Base Model

It will take a lot from buyer perspective to spend extra moolah over Trusted Innova Crysta Prices and buy a 6 month Old brand. Its anticipated that Kia Carnival Top Model can almost cost Rs 6 Lakh to 8 Lakh higher against Innova Crysta.

People who feels that 'All that Glitter is Gold' can go on for Competition, else nothing can come in for Innova Crysta as Unmatched Value Experience.


4. Way Innova Crysta Drives: The Planted feel on Road, Suspension Dynamics, Handling which Toyota Innova Crysta Offers. Although is long at 4735 mm but still easy to Park, Considering Kia Carnival Length at 5115 mm and higher turning radius it can be a task to Park in this MPV in tight Indian Space.


Kia Carnival or Toyota Innova Crysta

Care for Flashy Car - Sunroof, Rear Seat Entertainment, Advanced 8 Speed Automatic and even more Space than Toyota Innova Crysta then is Kia Carnival for you

However, care for a Practical, No Nonsense MPV with bullet proof Reliability, Price Point, Niggle Free Ownership in all proven Package of MPV which drives well is what Toyota Innova Crysta has to be on radar

But - But - if only Kia can turn around by introducing Carnival at price of Toyota Innova Crysta or may be at just 1 Lakh Price Differential - then only Kia Carnival can make a chance to be an apt rival, else once the honeymoon period is over - it will all be Toyota Innova Crysta only.

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