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Will BS4 Cars will sell on High Discounts in 2020 before BS6 Rollout. Report

Will BS4 Cars will sell on High Discounts in 2020 before BS6 Rollout. Report

Are you waiting for your dream car in anticipation of high discounts which will come on BS4 Car when BS6 will tick in from April 2020. Report on Deals and Discounts due to changing BS Emission Norms


Will BS4 Cars will get High Discounts when BS6 will come in

Way Back when a jump from BS3 to BS4 was done for Delhi Market in 2010, the discounts were higher offered for clearance of BS3 stock

Now is a shift and that would be a 2 Level jump from BS4 to BS6 and not for Delhi alone, but for Pan India as BS6 going to be base standard in Automobile sector from April 2020. This is again creating consumer interest to wait and watch for high discounts on BS4 Cars, when BS6 Deadline will approach in

Historically, is seen that cars of Previous Year Manufactured one gets rollover to next year and keep on selling not only for in 1st Quarter but even by Middle of next month. 

Been the time ticking fast and just would be 7 more months before the deadline approaches to cease in sale and registration of BS4 Vehicles, is it worth for a consumer to adopt a wait and watch approach in anticipation of very high discounts in February and March 2020 for Old Inventory Clearance of BS4 Stock


Here are some Important Pointers for Buyers looking for high Discounts on BS4 Cars in 2020

  • Its a lot simpler (not easier) to upgrade a BS4 Petrol Engine to BS6 as against its counterpart BS4 Diesel Engine to make it BS6. Been the DPF, Fuel Injection, Catalyst are all required to be modified in Diesel cars along with engine upgrades, its the Petrol Engine which rather needs some Software upgrades, new sensors and some hardware tweaks.

  • As what Maruti Suzuki introduced in BS6 Petrol Range in most of its Petrol Models (Alto, Wagon R 1.2, Swift Petrol, Dzire Petrol, Baleno Petrol, Ertiga), Other Car Manufacturers too are going to be what active on introducing in BS6 Compliant Petrol Cars and expect from August to  December 2019 when almost the entire Product Portfolio of Petrol Cars would be what BS6 Compliant in India.  

Maruti Suzuki Swift photoMaruti Suzuki Ertiga photo

  • The Estimated cost hike in Petrol from BS4 to BS6 would be Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 and expect the upgrade cost in Diesel cars to go up from Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 atleast.

  • Basis the bleak future of diesel car (due to existing price differential in Petrol and Diesel cars which will expand further due to anticipated price hike from BS4 to BS6 in Diesel cars, Higher road tax in some states and environmental concern where ban imposed on Diesel Cars in some cities beyond 10 years) Maruti Suzuki already announced that they will not be upgrading in 1.3 DDIS to BS6 and same for Tata Motors where smaller diesel engines as used in Tiago, Tigor will likely not see an upgrade. The demand for Diesel cars is very subdued in Hatchback and Sedan and also the  Diesel Cars production is curtailed by car manufacturers in the segment
  • Expect BS6 Compliant Diesel Engines to be introduced in Selective basis in 2019 and turning out to be base standard from January 2020.

Expectation from 2020 on Discounts of BS4 Cars 

So before January 2020 ticks in, expect that all:-

  • OEM would have upgraded there Petrol Car range to BS6. The sooner the Manufacturer upgrade to BS6 in 2019 - the lesser the stock rollover would be in 2020. 
  • For Diesel cars - the production especially in Hatchback and Sedan Segment is already curtailed in basis low demand along with fact that previous month inventory still standing at dealer showroom and expect the last quarter of 2019 Calendar year to be further subdued with Diesel cars. For Diesel SUV - OEM will take selective view basis dealer stock, inventory rotation and may adjust production accordingly or till the time BS-6 Compliant Stock will enter in market
  • The Prices of BS6 Compliant Diesel cars would be higher as against BS4 Compliant Diesel cars, so expect the game play where in no discounts would be initially offered on BS6 Diesel car but schemes on BS4 diesel cars to widen the gap and luring consumer looking for a Diesel one to choose in BS4 Diesel car.

So here is what should expect from discounts perspective.

  • Expect January 2020 to Mid February 2020 to be similar to what December 2019 would be in terms of stock clearance
  • But the calendar when will be just 45 days (i.e Feb mid) will see aggressive pushover of old stock along with all left over stock would be analysed on daily basis in March 2020 for come what may to increase schemes but to clear and sell all old stock
  • So if you are eyeing for your dream car at possibly the season highest discounts and if the car is available in March 2020 - expect to get dream deal on your next new car and possibly in 3rd Week of March 2020 onwards would be when discounts will open in full throttle.
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Guest - JP on Monday, 19 August 2019 20:49

Hello Sir plz suggest if now I buy XUV 300 Diesel will it will be some devise or some software updating will be available from Company side to upgrade it un BS 6 or I should wait for that.

Hello Sir plz suggest if now I buy XUV 300 Diesel will it will be some devise or some software updating will be available from Company side to upgrade it un BS 6 or I should wait for that.
Friday, 20 September 2019

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