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Search Engine Marketing - How it Helped us as New Startup Company

Ever thought that what ever you are searching on Google, how are that some searches are coming on top, some on first page, second page. How does it all happens



Before Starting off this web-site Mycarhelpline.com - we were apprehensive that how will we market our site. The plan was ready in our mind - but how to go for it - how will we attract people to our site - how can we track the visitors

To be honest - i was personally not knowing even the very basics about even Google Ads also - was not aware that there is some algorithm which was controlling the search results. Only thing was that - an online platform for buyers and sellers on new and used cars - thats all

Explored many options :-

Television - No way beyond all budgets,

Newspapers - Mind you we were shocked on finding that advertising in newspapers have become such a costly affair. A small ad 4cm x 4cm on Delhi times was costing 20,000 + and most important even if spent what could be the recall value ?

FM Radio - Apprehensive that will people listen to FM and then can they come online . Doubted the viability unless one do a very heavy advertising. More FM Radio is more regional

Catalogues/Insertions/Pamphlets - Does it really help when you want to visitors from every part of country

Finally - who Else can help us - apart from


- Google Ads - Popularly known as Adwords where the sponsored search results are shown on top . Like if you search for car loans on Google you will see that top 3 results come in slight grey background / light blue background - they are Ads and when a user clicks on them - the company who is giving ads gets debited for the amount. Its like pay per click

- Search Engine Optimization - Now we saw that after first 3 positions been filled with Ads - there are search results post that . We were wondering is it randomly some search results are shown . We checked for many keywords and found that some companies have been consistently ranking well . Once a user visits the site - no charges to be paid. Its like a free traffic who are in search of information


We have our path and journey cleared the very same day.

Initially - started off heavy on Google adwords - we were getting on the numbers but somehow after 6 months - felt that budgets are increasing and need of hour to improve returns is to focus on organic search (SEO - for search engine ranking without ads)

I personally researched - keep on studying SEO Strategy - how are keywords ranked -

- through youtube videos

- online forums,

- Articles on SEO,

- Write up on Hundreds of Blogs on SEO

- Learnt best strategies through SEOmoz and through hit and trial

after exactly 12 months (since last Oct 11) - Now what a moment for us when have crossed 10,000 page views happening daily and 90% will say from Organic Search results (i.e Google Search without any paid option)

Rest of the traffic comes from our existing users and some referral sites. We have completely moved away from paid Ads

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Friday, 08 December 2023

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