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Article 370 Revoked from Jammu & Kashmir. Pros and Cons Explained

Article 370 Revoked from Jammu & Kashmir. Pros and Cons Explained

Article 370 which status special power to Jammu and Kasmir is revoked which means J&K will not enjoy special status. What it means with Pros and Cons Explained


J&K Special Status Scrapped by Revoking Article 370 

In a historic move by Mr. Amit Shah ji, Article 370 which gives special status to J&K is scrapped. What it means that Indian constitution will be fully applied in J&K 

Now J&K will be marked as Union Territory and Ladakh as second Union Territory (after the bill to be approved in both Houses - Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha)


Effectively what it means for Jammu & Kashmir

  • J&K would not have special status and no more special constitution with its own laws.
  • Earlier Indian Constitution was only partially applicable in J&K State, which after taking off special status tag means that now Indian constitution and Indian Laws would be 100% applicable there with same Fundamental rights to be provided to Kashmiri as to any other Indian Citizen.
  • Earlier was a separate flag in J&K with dual citizenship possible due to article 370, and now only Tricolor will be the flag with only one citizenship thats to be of Proud Indian Citizenship

  • Right to Education was not applicable earlier, and after taking off special status Right to education is much applied
  • Land Investment will be boosted as earlier Indian citizens from other states were not allowed to buy property / land in J&K, but now after taking off special status - any citizen of India of any state can invest in property
  • Reservation to Minorities will now be applicable, which was earlier not there.
  • Article 35A which defines who is resident of J&K also stands nullified. As per 35A if the woman who is resident of J&K marries to other person outside J&K would lose citizenship of state. Now the only citizenship is Indian Citizenship and can marry to any person in India.
  • Earlier, for implementation of any policy - Central Government had to do it in conjunction with state elected government and they cant implement directly. But now as special status been abolished, the Central Government can directly announce schemes, laws which can be well applicable to J&K as the people of J&K are well integrated to India and all rules, laws as applicable in India will be applied in J&K too


Considering Cons of Scrapping of Article 370

Well - none. J&K citizens can now proudly call themselves Indians with all Constitutional rights, Right to Education. Freedom, Laws and Taxes as applicable will be applicable to them

Now even Property and Infrastructure development will move in full throttle as Investment from Developers, Government will go in full throttle and Central Government can have direct control on the state for applicability of rules, provisions.

Remember India has Unity in Diversity. No one religion but all religion people to live in peace and harmony. Kudos to Amit Shah ji and Narendra Modi ji as this will be marked a day to be Glorious one post Independence of Indian History. 

It’s time for us all to embrace Kashmiris as an indistinguishable part of our national community.

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