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Driving License Test Process in Delhi Automated Test Track

Driving License Test Process in Delhi Automated Test Track

Do you have your Driving License Test in Delhi. Know Automated Test Track Process conducted in form of S Reverse, 8 Track, Parallel Parking and G Track for DL 


Driving License Test Process in Delhi - Automated Track

There are Automated test tracks which are now developed for taking Driving License test in New Delhi. Some of the areas where Automated Track is present in

  • Sarai Kale Khan
  • Mayur Vihar Phase – 1
  • Surajmal Vihar
  • Burari
  • Wazirpur

You can choose any car of your choice – Manual or Automatic on test day or yours or your friends or family with whatever features. An RFID Card will be affixed on car. It generally is a 5 Minute Test.

Below are Stages for clearing Driving License Test

» S Reverse Test (2 Minutes) – A S Type Loop will be there in which driver has to reverse the car. Important to note that there are small side barricade with sensor on each side of road. The driver needs to carefully reverse the car in S Loop without touching any of the barricade.

If your car comes with Rear View Camera, Parking Sensor then its advantage situation to you. There is no as such clause that you cant bring this car for the Automated test track.

» 8 Track (8 Seconds) – You have to drive in a way to make this 8 (having 2 circular wings). The car needs to be driven in forwarded way to clear this 8 Track

» Parallel Parking  (1 Minute 30 Seconds) – One needs to park car in a designated Parking Slot. Its easier as driver needs to take car ahead and then reverse the car by turning steering to park in designated parking slot

» G Track (1 Minute) Essentially known as Incline Tes : here the driver needs to Stop Car at slight Incline, Stop for Few seconds and then drive ahead by keeping car in control. One needs to know in usage of handbrake, applying brakes, clutch and ideally use in 1st Gear to take car ahead.

Through Camera and sensor – the observation of driver pattern is checked in control room and if the driver hits any barricade he can be rejected for the test.

The test results are declared instantly within few minutes of clearing the driving license test.

Around 50% is Pass Percentage on Daily Basis on these Automated Test Tracks.

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