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Best Safety Features for your New Car. Is your Car Future Ready in Safety Features

Best Safety Features for your New Car. Is your Car Future Ready in Safety Features

Know what All Safety Features are required to call your car 5 Star Rated for your and Family Safety. Important Active and Passive Safety beyond usual ABS and Airbags in Car


Is your Next New Car Equipped with these Safety Features

Indian roads are ill known for death of over 1.5 Lakh People in road accidents every year.Thanks to consumer awareness and Initiatives along with Government Policies is now ABS, EBD and Airbags along with High Speed Alert, Reverse Parking Sensor as base standard across all new car models sold in India

But in 2022 i we restrict ourselves to ABS, Front Airbags, High Speed Alert Safety then its like looking towards safety features which were there as standard in European and US Markets 10 years back.

Before we proceed towards advanced Safety - important to have basics correct - Always wear Seat Belt and Never Drink and Drive. Wear Seat Belt not only for driver and co-passenger but even for Rear Seat Passengers too.

Been our lives no less than lives of any developed nation citizen. Its important to ask and make a check on what all advanced safety feature does your next new car offer to you.


All 4 Disc Brakes: Effective Braking is a very important and one of the most essential Active safety feature for your next car. Do you know Car Manufacturers like Honda Cars India in Honda City Previous Generations, Hyundai Verna Previous Generation used to come with All 4 disc brakes

But due to making price competitive and making Longer Life of rear brakes - Rear Disc Brakes are replaced with Rear Brake Drum. 

However, its evident that Disc Brakes improve Brake Bite and offers even stopping the car more efficiently on higher speed against Brake Drum.

So even if your next new car has ABS, EBD, Good Brakes but does it come with all 4 Disc Brakes for that unmatched Braking Experience


Side Airbag and Curtain Airbag or even Knee Airbag: Not all accidents of cars happens front Front. Estimated that around 25% of accidents happens from Side collision and if your car lacks this very important Passive safety of Side Airbag you are definite at danger. 

So if you care to buy your next new car without compromise on this essential safety check out for Side and Curtain Airbags to protect you and your family members in that unwanted emergency situation.

Hyundai I20 Airbags


ESP (Electronic Stability Program): The next level of Safety especially on High Speed Drive on Highway condition or taking corner at high speed or driving Cars on Monsoon is ESP and works along with Traction Control. ESP along with Traction control works in Tandem and is feature available 

Do you know that over 95% of cars sold in Germany, Sweden comes with ESP and in India this important safety feature is present in less than 5% of cars sold

To make it easy to understand if you driving on highway or visibility is low in rain and you driving even at mid speed and suddenly an object comes in front of you and you try to take left or right suddenly then ESP will help driver to steer the vehicle by reducing throttle speed along with traction loss and helping driver to control the vehicle in a better way

It can be a life saver feature on emergency situation. So care for Safety then ESP is what needs to be important feature.



Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror: Essential considering fact that most of Indian Drivers do not pay much attention to fact that driving on high beam can glare in not only eyes of opposite side driver but even car driver moving ahead as he cant see much in Rear View Mirror

Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror ensure that headlight glare is significantly removed from car on rear


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System:  The Contact Pitch of car with the road is through Tyres and is what very important to have correct Tyre Pressure for stability, ride, handling.

Having Tyre Pressure Monitoring System gives pre indication of whether the tyre pressure is correct or low or if tyre got a puncture and you planning for a long trip then will show pre hand for pressure drop so that the owner can get puncture repaired or get tyre pressure correct by visiting fuel station. Think of this you driving at high speed and tyre pressure is low in one tyre. It can cause an emergency situation for tyre burst.



Eyes on Road - Heads up Display: Eye on the road is very important to ensure safety. One of the ways driver distract himself is looking at Navigation which is placed at center console or corner of dashboard - for same the better way is to own either Heads up Navigation and minimize movement of driver attention away from road



ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems): Autonomous Safety Features play pivotal. Having

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Drive Assist
  • Blind Spot Monitor
  • Fatigue Alert System

ensures to deliver an added line of Safety conscious alert in case of driver negligence.

Disclaimer: Do note that no such Safety Alert System can match in Human Reponse, but having ADAS is like giving an alert to a careless driver to be careful.

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