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Toyota Glanza Vs Maruti Baleno. Top 5 Differences with Best Value Buy Car

Toyota Glanza Vs Maruti Baleno. Top 5 Differences with Best Value Buy Car

Are you confused in between Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Toyota Glanza. Here are Top 5 Differences in between Baleno and Glanza with Best Value Buy Car in these two


Maruti Baleno Vs Toyota Glanza

Build on same

» Heratect Chassis Platform on which Baleno is sold 

» Same 1.2 Litre Engine in BS-6 Compliance in 5 Speed Manual and CVT Automatic Gear Box with exact same 83 PS Power and 113 NM Torque as used in Baleno and 90 PS Power Dualjet Engine as used in Baleno Dualjet

» Same Body Specifications, Same In Cabin Seating Space

» Same Safety Features, Same Price, Same Interiors, Same Looks, Same Styling and even Manufactured in Suzuki Plant

then why in the world is Toyota Glanza introduced in and what exactly is the difference in between Maruti Baleno and Toyota Glanza


Why Toyota Glanza ??

Well - this is the first attempt where Toyota and Suzuki entered in tie up to harness the technical know how and collaborate to bring the best of technologies as win win situation for both Manufacturers

Glanza is nothing else but Baleno only so as to atleast make a start. Based on Collaborative approach - in future one can expect slight differentiation on rebadged products and even to extent of jointly developing a car based on relationship and a joint business model among Suzuki and Toyota.

But - Baleno based Glanza is only to make a beginning happen among both Manufacturers 


Differences in Maruti Baleno and Toyota Glanza

Essentially are still 5 differences in Baleno and Glanza

1. Looks Difference: Front Grille Difference, check the Front Looks of Baleno and Glanza. Toyota has given it Chrome Slants on Front, while Maruti has given Chrome Accents on Front Grille

Toyota GlanzaMaruti Baleno


2. Warranty: While Maruti Suzuki Offering 2 Year / 40,000 Kms Standard warranty on car with option to extend to 5 year or 1 Lakh Kms, Toyota Glanza offered with 3 Year / 1 Lakh Kms warranty as standard with option to extend to 5 Year / 2.2 Lakh Kms

3. Express Maintenance: Toyota going to offer in Express Maintenance with 60 Minutes Service of Oil Change, Filter Change at all Toyota Workshop in India. With Maruti Suzuki Workshop gets heavy load and certainly takes hours to service car - Toyota going to offer in Express Maintenance as part of USP


4. Price Deal: Although Price is same for Toyota Glanza V Manual as

Rs 7,58,200 - for Glanza V Manual and Baleno Alpha Petrol Manual

Rs 8,29,900 - for Glanza G CVT and Baleno Zeta CVT

Rs 8,90,200 - for Glanza V CVT and Baleno Alpha CVT

but Glanza G Manual which is essentially same as Baleno Delta Hybrid with 90 PS Power and 113 NM Torque is priced lower by Rs 3500 as Glanza G Hybrid cost at Rs 7,21,900 while Baleno Delta Hybrid priced at Rs 7,25,412

Even by undercutting it - the model has more features as Push Button Start Stop, Smart Play Touchscreen Music System with Android Auto and Apple car play, Stylish Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels, Armrest on Driver Side and Chrome Door Handles to make a differentiation. Certainly is what Toyota Glanza G Hybrid looks better value against Baleno Delta Hybrid and is the best buy in Line up with powerful 90 PS Engine

But - one more thing Baleno is been sold with Exchange offer of Rs 15,000 with Rs 5000 Corporate Discount (basis June 2019 Offers) - no scheme on Toyota Glanza 


5. Badging: Yes - it has to have Toyota Badge on Wheel cap, Rear, Front Grille, Steering to give you a feel that you are driving a Toyota product and not Suzuki Product

But rest all - Steering Wheel, Suspension, Seats, Dashboard layout, Instrument Cluster, Features List (in G CVT, V MT, V CVT) are exactly same as between Toyota and Suzuki


Maruti Baleno or Toyota Glanza

The Highlight of Toyota Glanza is G Hybrid which is priced lesser and has more features and is what the value line up.

So which one you going to buy - Maruti Baleno or Toyota Glanza - be assured that its Baleno on core even if you considering Glanza with Badge Difference and After Sale Service Experience

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