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Tata Harrier Service Schedule, Maintenance Cost, AMC, Warranty Plans

Tata Harrier Service Schedule, Maintenance Cost, AMC, Warranty Plans

Tata Harrier Service Schedule and Maintenance Cost in India, Review Engine Oil, Filters, Fluid, Labor Charges with Extended Warranty, AMC Packages for Harrier


Tata Harrier Service Cost

Tata Harrier is what an answer from best of Tata Motors to offer in Package of Engine Performance, Features, Space, Styling, Safety as one go and espeiclaly the top end Harrier XZ feels as the best value pick in the variant line up basis host of features and Multi Drive mode 

Tata Motors to enhance the ownership experience of Harrier owners is offering in AMC Packages, Extended Warranty and below is what the service schedule of Harrier with maintenance cost


Service Schedule of Tata Harrier (Free Service)

Harrier comes with 3 Labor Free Service

» 1st Service - 2000 Kms or 2 Month - General Inspection with Wash & Clean, no Labor Charges  

» 2nd Service - 7500 Kms or 6 Month - General Inspection, Wash & Clean, Top up of Fluid, Drain Water from Fuel Filter, Tyre Rotation

» 3rd Service - 15000 Kms or 12 Month - First Oil Change of Car along with Wash, Clean, Top up of Fluid and Inspection


Paid Service of Harrier

After completion of 1st Year or 15,000 Kms are all Paid Service

» Minor Service : Every 6 month or 7500 Kms

» Oil Change & Service : Every 12 month or 15000 Kms

Harrier Service Component Tata Harrier Service Schedule
Engine Oil (5 Litre, 5W/30 ACEA C2) ** Every 15,000 Kms or 1 Year (which ever earlier)
Oil Filter Along with Engine Oil replacement
Fuel Filter Every 15,000 Kms or 2 Year (which ever earlier)
AC Pollen Filter Every 15,000 Kms or 1 Year (which ever earlier)
Air Filter (only replacement, no clean) ** Every 30,000 Kms or 3 Year (which ever earlier)
Coolant (Pre mixed 40:60, 7 Litre) Every 60,000 Kms or 3 Year (which ever earlier)
Brake Fluid (Dot 4, 710 ml) Every 45,000 Kms or 2 Year (which ever earlier)
Gear Transmission Fluid (Max 1.9 Litre) Top up in Every Service, no replacement needed
Power Steering Fluid (Max 1 Litre) Top up in Every Service, no replacement needed
Air Filter Every 30,000 Kms or 3 Year (which ever earlier)
Timing Belt, Tensioner & Idler 5 Year or 1.5 Lakh Kms (which ever earlier)
Wheel Alignment, Balancing Ideally in at 15,0000 Kms

 Note:- In Severe Conditions (where 50%+ of drive is in Heavy City Traffic, frequent operating in Hill Area, Driving in Dusty road condition) - Engine Oil replacement at 7500 Kms or 6 months and Air Filter replacement at 15000 Kms


Minor Service of Harrier along with Wear & Tear

Minor Service - 7500 Kms or 6 Months Common Wear & Tear Parts (Replacement basis Usage Condition) **
Wash Vehicle Wiper Blade
Check & Top up Fluid Tyres
Check Rubber Boot, Bushes, Fuel Lines Inspect Brake Pads
Drain Water from Fuel Filter Bowl Clutch Plate Assembly
Check AC Performance, Clean AC Filter Suspension Component (Shocker, Bushes, Arm)
Tyre Rotation every 7500 Kms Battery

** - Common replacement basis condition


Tata Harrier Service Cost, Warranty, Gold AMC

Tata Harrier comes with standard 2 Year / 1 Lakh Kms Warranty, which is further extendable to 2+2 Year = 4 Year or 1.3 Lakh Kms

In Terms of AMC Package are both Silver and Gold AMC Plans available

Silver AMC : Includes all Scheduled Service Cost (replacement of Oil, Filter, Alignment, Balancing (excluding weight) including Labor Charges for all scheduled replacement

Gold AMC : Includes additionally Wear and Tear Parts (includes Brake Pads, Clutch, Suspension and does not included Tyre, Wiper Blade, Battery, AC Refrigerant) 

In terms of AMC Cost - AMC Plan start for 1 year and goes upto 5 Year. 1 Year Gold AMC cost in Rs 14,000 and goes to as high as for 5 Year (upto 1 Lakh kms) cost in Rs 1.5 Lakh, while Silver AMC cost in 20% lower 

Been the Car is  recently been launched and yet an Oil change to be done, we yet to obtain in breakup of each Periodic service of the car but considering in AMC Packages - the Service Cost wont be economical atleast


Recommendations as Owner of Harrier 

When Car is New, Oils & Lubricants takes time to accustom and lubricate in System.  As per Tata Motors recommended guideline - Avoid rapid acceleration and prolonged high speed running of the engine for the Initial 2000 Kms and not to exceed speeds during run in Period (of 100 Kmph Speed in 6th Gear)

Gear Shift Tata Harrier
1st Gear, Upshift to 2nd Gear 15 Kmph
2nd Gear, Upshift to 3rd Gear 30 Kmph
3rd Gear, Upshift to 4th Gear 50 Kmph
4th Gear, Upshift to 5th Gear 70 Kmph
5th Gear, Upshift to 6th Gear 90 Kmph
Retain Speed for best Mileage 105 Kmph
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