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Mahindra Marazzo Service Schedule, Maintenance Cost in India

Mahindra Marazzo Service Schedule, Maintenance Cost in India

Mahindra Marazzo Service Schedule Interval and Maintenance Cost Breakup in India. Free and Paid Service Schedule of Marazzo with Labor Charges, Spare Part Prices

Mahindra Marazzo Service Cost

Mahindra Marazzo comes with Spacious 7 Seater MPV from Mahindra and bridges gap in between Maruti Ertiga and Toyota Innova Crsyta. Not only Spacious, Flexible is what Marazzo easy to maintain too. Below are Labor Free Services of Marazzo

» 1st Service - 1000 Kms or 1 Month

» 2nd Service - 10,000 Kms or 1 Year

» 3rd Service - 20,000 Kms or 2 Year

Then is Periodic Paid Service Recommended by Manufacturer at every 10,000 Kms - whichever is earlier, However the best part is longest Engine Oil Replacement in Segment (happens at every 20,000 Kms or 2 Year in Paid Service)


Service Schedule of Mahindra Marazzo

Below are Service Schedule & Maintenance Costs of Mahindra Marazzo

 Service Component Marazzo Service Schedule
Engine Oil & Oil Filter First at 10,000 Kms at end of 1st Year. Then Every 20,000 Kms or 2 Year (means at 30K, 50K, 70K Kms or 3rd, 5th, 7th Year - whichever earlier). However, top up Engine Oil at 30K Kms, 50K Kms, 70K KMs, 90K Kms and so on 
Particle Filter (AC Filter) Every 10,000 Kms
Air Filter Every 30,000 Kms 
Fuel Filter Every 40,000 Kms
Brake Fluid, Clutch Fluid Every 2 Year or 40,000 Kms
Coolant Every 3 Year or 70,000 Kms
Transaxle Oil First Time replacement at 10,000 Kms. Then every 2 Year
Gear Transmission Oil 3 Year or 50000 Kms. Then Every 3rd Year
Wheel Balancing & Alignment Every 10,000 Kms
Auto Tensioner and Belt Replace every 1 Lakh Kms
Tyre Rotation Every 10,000 Kms

Other than above Scheduled Replacement are other Wear and Tear Items which may need replacement basis usage

» Brake Pads - Indicative Life Span of 30,000 Kms 

» Wiper Blade - Generally 2 Seasons 

» Tyres - Indicative Life Span of 60000 Kms or 6 Years

» Clutch Plate Assembly - Purely basis Usage, may burn early or last for even 1 Lakh Kms

» Suspension Components - Purely Basis Usage


Mahindra Marazzo Maintenance Cost

Mahindra Marazzo photo


Below is Estimated Service Costs - associated with Marazzo

Mahindra Marazzo Service Marazzo Service Cost
Engine Oil Replacement Mahindra Maximile Feo + Oil Filter Rs 2750
Particle Filter Rs 750
Air Filter Rs 500
Fuel Filter Rs 1500
Brake / Clutch Fluid Rs 900
Coolant Mahindra Maximile Ultra cool Rs 800
Engine Transmission Gear Oil  Rs 900
Wheel Alignment, Balancing, Tyre Rotation(Additional Weight Cost) Rs 1200
Front Brake Pads Replacement Rs 4500
Rear Brake Pads Replacement Rs 3500
Front Brake Rotor Disc Pair Rs 5000
Both Front Wiper Blade Replacement Rs 800
Clutch Plate Assembly replacement Rs 20000
Vehicle Scanning Rs 1000
Scheduled Servicing Cost with GST Rs 2100

Estimated Labor Charges and Fluid Prices


Marazzo Service Cost

In terms of Service Cost of Mahindra Marazzo

» Expect Average Paid Service Cost of Rs 7500 to 8000 (in year when Oil will change)

» Expect Minor Service Cost of Rs 4000 to 4500

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