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Over Speed is what accounts for 50% of Death on Indian Roads. Drive Safe

Over Speed is what accounts for 50% of Death on Indian Roads. Drive Safe

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has come up with Data that over 50% of Death in Road Accidents is happening due to Overspeed on Indian Roads


Why Indian Roads are Unsafe. Reason of Death in Road Accident  

Indian Roads are known for highest number of Deaths in Road Accidents in the World. As per Estimates - over 1.5 lakh People lose there lives in Road Accidents in India, which makes it alarming been the prime reason attributed to it are 

» Over Speed - Contributes to almost 55% of death in Road Accidents, with over 73000 People lost there lives

» Over Taking - More than 9500 People lost there lives due to Overtaking where they collided with vehicle in front or at rear

» Improper Action of Driver (Lane Changing Frequently / Using High Beam on Highway / Taking Turns / Slowing Down or Parking Vehicle at wrong side ). Close to 18000 People lost there lives 

» Reasons like - Driving under Influence of Alcohol, Red Light Jumping, Using Mobile Phone while driving, Not wearing Seat Belt, Not Wearing Helmet, Driving on wrong side - these together cumulative to around 33000 Death in Road Accident 

As can be seen that many people post on Social Media about Maximum speed as 160 Kmph, 170 Kmph on Indian Roads which is Insane. There is a kind of aggression which is promoted on

Every Year - Taj Yamuna-Agra Expressway is known for fatal road accidents where over excited people drive on such high speed which ends up taking there lives.

Below is Summary as Presented basis study done in 2016 on Reason of Road Accident



What Next as Vehicle Owner

1. Safe Drive - Stay Alive is the Mantra. Follow Speed Limits in Sacro-Sanct way

2. Drunk Driving - Strict No No. Hire a Cab or if require ask for family / friend help to drive on behalf

3. Follow Traffic Rules - Avoid Improper Action, Avoid Mobile Phone while driving. Drive with Seat Belt (in case of Passenger Car) / Helment (for both rider and pillion) 

4. Always Own a Car which comes with ABS, EBD and Dual Airbag as base standard Safety

If you follow the Golden rule as mentioned above - you have possibly cut off Accidental Risk by over 95%.

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