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Maruti Wagon R 2019 Official Review: Positives and Negatives Explained

Maruti Wagon R 2019 Official Review: Positives and Negatives Explained

Maruti Wagon R 2019 Review with Drive, Handling, Performance, Safety Specs, Interiors, Features, Styling along with Braking, Steering Feedback, Music System on overall Positives and Negatives


Maruti Wagon R 2019 Review

Maruti Suzuki launched all new 3rd Generation Wagon R in India. This Car is longer, Wider, improved wheelbase and also yes has near about 100% bigger boot space

Maruti Suzuki also did considerable changes by introducing Wagon R in all new Heartect Chassis Platform and also introducing in new 1.2 Litre Engine as what powering in Ignis, Swift, Baleno, Dzire.

  Wagon R 1.2 Vxi, Zxi Wagon R 1.0 Lxi, Vxi
Engine 1.2 Litre, 4 Cylinder 1 Litre, 3 Cylinder
Power 68 PS, 90 NM 84 PS, 114 NM
Length 3655 mm 3655 mm
Width 1620 mm 1620 mm
Height 1675 mm 1675 mm
Boot 341 Litre 341 Litre
Wheelbase 2435 mm 2435 mm
Tyre 14 Inch 13 Inch (Lxi), 14 Inch (Vxi)

Here is what can expect from New Wagon R


Drive, Handling, Performance: You can simply say Outstanding in city drive conditions. Low end Torque is much improved in all new 1.2 Litre Engine, the car just feels eager to go. Very Light Steering, low 4.7 Meter Turning Radius, Engine NVH Levels are much improved, although wind noise is prevalent in the car. You will simply love gear shift which slot accurately. Light clutch with space to rest your left foot. With Power to Kerb Weight figures of over 100 PS/ tonne you will simply love the ride dynamics of the car

To add on suspension feels more compliant, the hearect chassis platform is slight more rigid but Maruti Suzuki uses tyres with higher width to R14 165/70 as against R14 155/65 in previous generation and also uses R13 155/80 as against R13 145/80. Increased tyre sidewall aspect ratio makes the ride more plush in city condition

But - once you move to higher speed on speed above 60 Kmph - you can start observing that feedback start missing from steering and even pickup is not that better as otherwise what feels in initial pickup. The brakes comes with ABS, EBD as good thing to prevent wheel lockup but not as effective in brake bite.

Overall - for some one intending to drive in city conditions or controlled speed can possibly love Wagon R Drive. However care for High speed, braking or steering feedback on higher speed you wont enjoy Wagon R to that extent


Safety: Build on heartect chassis platform comes with ABS, EBD and driver side Airbag as standard with co-passenger airbag as option. This new platform makes Wagon R ready to meet in upcoming new safety crash test regulations

But Swift which is based on same heartect platform scored 2 star in Global NCAP. Wagon R sheet metal seems even slight light against Swift. So it may not be the best in safety crash test but new generation Wagon R is certainly more safer than all previous generation Wagon R

The brakes as mentioned earlier do not inspire the best of confidence in the car


Looks, Interiors, Exteriors: Feels a slight better in exterior styling, Black out Finish in C Pillar, New Grille, Longer, Wider Design makes it feel a slight better and all new Off white and Black Dashboard along with New Steering wheel with provision of Touchscreen Music System in Top End Model certainly gives a relative more premium feel

But having said same - lack of Adjustable head restraints and making it to Fixed Headrest is what a big miss. This will likely not go well with possible potential Wagon R existing buyer to replace there Wagon R with new Wagon R

Maruti Wagon R 2019 Lxi Vs Vxi, Zxi Differences in Features, Prices, Interiors

Features: All New Touchscreen Music System in Top End Model as what effectively called Smart Play Studio having Android Auto and Apple Car Play, Bluetooth with Steering Mount Control, Power Fold ORVM Mirror are some new features introduced

But shifting Fog Light, Tachometer and Defogger only in Zxi Trim (as earlier used to be offered in previous generation Wagon R Vxi) along with widening price gap difference and removing Projectors, Gun Metal Alloy Wheel (as what used to offer in Vxi Plus) along with fact that Music System only comes with Front Door Speaker having not the best sound clarity somehow impact in the feel factor of costing cutting in the car


the Prices of New Generation Wagon R are as below

Manual Transmission Price Automatic Transmission Price
Wagon R 1 Litre (Lxi, Vxi) Rs 4.19 Lakh - 4.69 Lakh Wagon R 1 Litre AMT Rs 5.16 Lakh
Wagon R 1.2 Litre (Vxi, Zxi) Rs 4.89 Lakh - 5.22 Lakh Wagon R 1.2 Litre AMT Rs 5.36 Lakh - 5.69 Lakh


Overall Recommendation

Wagon R Zxi Model can turn out a reasonable good choice basis features list, 1.2 Litre Engine, overall pickup, light steering, bit boot space, modern age features, even better dash layout as boon for those considering a city drive car

However care for High Speed Dynamics, Best in Class Braking or Safety feel or Infotainment sound clarity may not like all new Wagon R too much on it.

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