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Tips to Keep Car Cool during Summers. Get Rid of Hot Cabin

Tips to Keep Car Cool during Summers. Get Rid of Hot Cabin

With Summers coming up at its peak in North India, know top tips to keep your car cool this Summers by beating the heated Greenhouse Effect in Car


Keep Car Cool

The car absorbs the sunlight pretty quickly from its glasses and due to greenhouse effect it turns into a heated compartment. Its pretty aweful, when one enters the car during summers.The first few minutes are too uncomfortable for the owner driver and even worse for rear seat passengers

To beat the heat of summers, know the top tips to help you keep your car cool :-

- If you regularly visit the same place / office, Always try to Park your Car under Shady area / trees even if some meters away. The car will not be burning as against the car which remained through out day under direct sunlight contact

- Buy a couple of Sun shade and if car is self driven, keep in continuously on the rear seat window and whenever you park - put Sun shade on the front door glasses too

- Do not close the window to the top. Keep up a minor gap (1cm) in Glass Windows, it will help in Air Ventilation flow.

- Keep the Door Windows open for couple of minutes when you enter the car. It will give way to the warm air to go out and have fresh air coming in by improving ventilation

- Leather or worse Leatherette seats tends to heat up more during Summers. If you planning for leatherette seat covers and stays in North India or South India - its best to avoid and rather go for good quality fabric seat covers. Not only economical, they will tend to heat up less under similar condition

- Avoid Switching on the Air Conditioning during the first minute when you enter the car

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