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Best Anti Theft Car Devices in India with Top 5 things to do for Car Safety

Best Anti Theft Car Devices in India with Top 5 things to do for Car Safety

Best Anti Theft Car Devices in India, Price Range with Top 5 things to do to protect car from thieves. Gear Lock, GPS Tracking, Security Alarm System for your Car Safety


Anti Theft Car Device, Top 5 Things to Protect Theft

Car is the Second most Precious asset which an individual owns after Home, but is also the most Vulnerable asset for theft. Despite of having Immobiliser Intelligent Computerized Anti-Theft system when the sensor in the vehicle accepts the chip in the key (wherein that secret code is matched of the key with the chip) the cars are still been stolen at the fastest pace ever.

With 1 Car stolen every 6 Minutes in India and the average time in which a thief tamper and deactivate the security system of car in less than a minute – it becomes imperative to know Top 10 things for your car Safety including Anti theft devices for your car

Gear Lock : Considered one of the best defense, a car thief would in a very rare circumstance puts up time to break gear lock in the car - which may use energy and time, rather is always on lookout of models which are parked without gear lock in it. Priced at just Rs 1500 to 3000 as U Type, Pin Shape Gear Lock from Autocop,  Minda Always, Trust on Branded Gear Locks

This is the first and most important step to provide car safety by always parking in with gear lock

Avoid Keeping Bag, Purse on Seat while Parking: A Car Parked with Valuable turns out to be eye candy for thieves. Keep your Valuables in the boot. If it’s a Hatchback use Parcel tray to not to disclose your Valuables to passer by. This will prevent damage to car which thieves do to break car side window glass to steal valuable


Car Alarm : There are several alarm systems that will serve to deter or discourage vehicle thefts, and alert others of forced entry into the car. Although some one who is an expert knows how to deactivate in alarm by disconnecting wire from battery but you need to make sure that these anti theft alarm should be there to atleast give a feeling of panic when car alarm blast in full intensity.

Now a days, Car Security System comes with advanced features having Touch Sensitivity Settings, Alarm when door or car boot opened through key (while its locked through remote). Having Gear Lock with Security Alarm system can give tough time to thief

Never Park in Aloof Areas with Dim Lights: Cars which are parked in areas having good Lighting (in night) are much lower at risk. Thief always looks for vulnerable one which are parked in low lighting / dim lighting to protect themselves from CCTV and avoid there faces been seen by passerby

Car Gps Tracker : A GPS facility, which can be bought for Rs 10,000 and more (as device cost other than data charges), can help tracking a stolen car. Infact, can also alert you for misuse of your car by any Service Station / Parking Attendant.

A Car Tracking device is an excellent Software to locate car movements and in event of unfortunate incidence of car been stolen, helps in tracing the car. But thieves do search in car to find GPS Device, so its utmost important for you to have GPS Device hidden in such a way so that it turns out difficult for a thief to find it. Now a days, GPS Tracker comes in small device form and can easily be hidden

Phonenix, Maymy India, AutoCop, Trak n Tell are some reputed brands which are heard of providing Car Tracking Device.

Although there are steering Lock, Tyre Lock, Ignition Cut off switches – but they do not prove much useful and are more like a hassle. By following these 5 basics, one can do enough protection to protect car theft

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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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