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Top 10 Cars for First Time Car Buyers in 2021. Safe, Reliable, Feature Loaded

Top 10 Cars for First Time Car Buyers in 2021. Safe, Reliable, Feature Loaded

Best Cars for First Time Car Buyers in India. Know the Best Hatchback, Sedan and SUV Cars in 2021 which are Reliable, Good Engine Performance, Value Buy

Top 10 Cars for First Time Car Buyers in 2021

Looking to Own your 1st Car. 

In Last few Years - Definition of First Car or Entry Segment Car is changed. Gone are the days when 800 cc or 1 Litre Engine Cars with bare basic features in Affordable Price used to be the 1st Choice.

Now consumers looking for Convenience of Drive yet in a Car which is Safe, Stylish and Powerful 

Even for there first car they go up to spending in to extent of Rs 10 Lakh as car is no more only a Mobility Solution - rather reflects lifestyle and status quo of Individual. 


Top 10 Cars for First Time Buyers in 2021

You are in 2021. Here we are Recommending some of the Fine Value Buy Cars for First Time Car Buyers


Majorly for City Usage

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Sportz AMT : An excellent choice for buyers who seek 

  • Convenience to drive as AMT Actuator response is Nios AMT is by far the best among AMT Cars
  • Feature Loaded with Nios SPortz AMT comes equipped with impressive Features
  • Drives Well, an Ideal Car for those who seek relaxed, comfortable drive
  • High on Reliability, Low on Maintenance
  • Hyundai Cars are Stylish and lets accept offers impressive value proposition

At Rs 7.11 Lakh (exshowroom Price) - Nios AMT is a perfect choice for anyone who seek maximum in city usage with utmost convenience and rich features with High reliability as solo aspect.

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios photo


Honda Amaze CVT Automatic: Convenience to Drive is emerging as Top Notch Preference and Amaze V CVT, Vx CVT Automatic is one among fine Value buy Compact Sedan Sedan Cars in Market.

  • Spacious -as almost the most spacious Compact Sedan
  • 4 Star Safety Rated in Global NCAP (African Version is what crash tested)
  • CVT is what a proper Automatic and ideal when you love relaxed drive
  • Light Steering as ideal for City Usage with Low Turning Radius
  • Reliable as Honda Cars are offering upto 10 Year Warranty on Car Range (including extended warranty)
  • Low Maintenance as Amaze Scheduled service now once a year / 10,000 Kms

Honda Amaze photo


Downside of Amaze and Nios

Please note that both these Cars - Amaze and Nios are best suited for city.

Steering feel and feedback is very average on high speed. Also, Amaze comes with Soft Suspension so you may not experience good handling on higher speed. 



SUV Cars

Kia Sonet HTX IMT: Available as an excellent choice for those buyers who seek Powerful Fun to Drive Car, yet as SUV with capability to take on bad roads at ease along with Convenience of drive as no Manual Clutch Pedal. 

Lets accept that Sonet comes with impressive looks, features, and yes Kia is a brand which carries its own USP and Aura comes in impressive styling with comprehensive Features. Suspension although is stiiffer but wlll feel mature. You will simply love in overall experience with Kia Sonet and Choose HTX IMT at 9.99 Lakh 

Kia Sonet photo

Dowside yes

  • Slight Compact Rear Seat Space


Tata Nexon XMA AMT: Yes, Nexon in 2021 is lot improved to Nexon as what was there in 2017. In BS6 Avatar with improved engine Performance, improved AMT response, 5 Star Build Quality, ESP, Traction Control and price point at Rs 8.45 Lakh Ex-showroom deserves a lot more attention. Yes Car is Spacious too

You will simply love Nexon XMA AMT. Downside is 

  • Still slight higher Noise
  • Tata After Sales Service Network

Tata Nexon photo


Ford Ecosport Titanium Diesel: Do you always felt to drive a SUV with Best in Class Handling, Long Distance Travel, Punchy and Powerful Performance - now you have Ford Ecosport Titanium Diesel in 2021 which carries lot impressive value proposition with advanced safety of ESP. Traction Control and yes Sunroof as a feature added in 2021

At Rs 9.99 Lakh - enjoy the fun and experience of Ecosport Diesel and yes at controlled Service Cost.


  • Slight Stiifer Suspension
  • Slight Stiiffer Clutch
  • Slight Compact on Rear Seat Space

Ford Ecosport photo



Best Value Buy All Rounder for 1st Time Buyers


Ford Freestyle Titanium Petrol, Titanium Diesel: Yes is an all rounder choice from Impeccable Handling, Top Notch Suspension Dynamics, ESP as important Safety Element, Ride Experience and Features. You will simply love Freestyle. At Rs 7.09 Lakh for Freestyle Titanium Petrol and Rs 8.14 Lakh for Freestyle Titanium Diesel you simply cant go wrong


  • Interiors looks slight average
  • Lacks Android Auto, Apple Car Play
  • Slight Compact in Rear Seat Space
  • Not advanced in Features List

This car carries some charisma where can well be driven on bad roads at ease, Wider Tyres for Superior high speed handling, easy to drive for city use. Is all rounder one and if you love Performance kind of feel, drive in Freestyle Titanium Diesel you will be amazed to feel the potential this car has. 

Ford Freestyle photo


Maruti Vitara Brezza Zxi Petrol / Urban Cruiser High: Although on name is a SUV, but is what carries in car like dynamics to be equally comfortable to drive in city use and yes on highway too, Impressive 1.5 Litre Petrol Engine, 4 Star Safety Rating, Impressive Features all differentiates Brezza Zxi Petrol

Yes will love in overall all round experience from Maruti Brezza Petrol. Only Compact SUV with 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine. Downside however

  • Interior Aesthetics and Plastic Quality feels average 
  • Rear Seat are placed slight in Upright way, Not very comfy

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza photo


Best Mid Sedan Car to Buy

Skoda Rapid Rider Plus: At Rs 8.19 Lakh for Manual and Rs 9.7 Lakh for Automatic - Performance of 1 Litre Turbo Petrol Engine, Immaculate Ride and Handling, Sturdy Build Quality - you will just be lot impressed with Skoda Rapid Rider Plus

Features List despite of Base Model are comprehensive. Car yes is Stylish and Suspension Dyanmics are top notch. You will simply love in the experience

Skoda Rapid photo

Only Downside is that - Somehow Rear Seat Space (although wont call poor) but yes is  slight low seats and legroom space is relative compact when you take Ciaz, City in consideration


Budget Friendly Value Buy Cars

Maruti Ignis Zeta: If budget is an issue and seeking a Car in 6 Lakh exshowroom then you cant go wrong with Maruti Suzuki. Maruti Ignis Zeta is Fun to drive, Spacious, Tall Boy Design with 15 Inch Wheels offering Superior Ground Clearance and impressive Features.

Downside however are

  • Rear Looks
  • Rear Seats which are slight Compact

Maruti Suzuki Ignis photo

Tata Altroz XE Rhytm: A Full Fledged Premium Hatchback with 5 Star Build Quality, Space, Styling Aspect - Altroz XE Rhythm carries own USP

Immaculate Ride, Handling Experience, Steering Feedback and now further improvsed in 2021 makes Altroz a better buy

Tata Altroz photo 


New Cars

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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments


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Guest - Nirav Modi on Friday, 20 September 2019 09:14

I am going to receive money in December 2019, can I wait till then to exchange my Alto 800 with any good hatchback or shall I straight away buy now?

I am going to receive money in December 2019, can I wait till then to exchange my Alto 800 with any good hatchback or shall I straight away buy now? Thanks
Sunday, 26 September 2021

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